The End Of An Ordeal


When I told you here that I had crossed the bat off my list, I was being excessively optimistic. In reality, that bat had rabies, poor little Minou had to be quarantined for 45 days, and I had to have a series of rabies shots, the last of which I finally had today, hurray! At least now they’re given in the arm and no longer in the abdomen.

So now we are docked in Astoria, and I can stop feeling like a pincushion, hopefully for many months to come.


Astoria sits on the Oregon side of the mouth of the Columbia River, and this bridge is an astounding 4.1 miles long. That’s Washington you can glimpse at the other end of the span.


I decided to walk from the ship into town, which Google informed me would be a mile and a half. Not having been walking much since my foot injury a couple of months ago, it felt like much, much more. Fortunately Astoria has this beautiful Riverwalk pathway.



Many mariners have lost their lives amidst all this beauty. The Columbia River Bar is a notoriously perilous marine hazard, known as the Graveyard of the Pacific, because over 2000 large ships have been sunk there over the past two centuries.


Dark past notwithstanding, Astoria’s Liberty Theatre was built in 1925 and is home to this beautiful chandelier.


Strange as it may seem, I was in search of a Bosnian lunch. I’d never had Bosnian food, and the Drina Daisy is right downtown. It was nice, spit-roasted lamb with some pickled vegetables. Not mind-blowing, but satisfying and interesting. With it the owner suggested a glass of Blatina, a grape grown in Herzegovina.  At first it was too soft, with almost no perceptible tannins. But, as so often happens, being paired with the food from its region brought it to life, and the salty, spiced lamb turned it into a very pleasant glass.


If I could have caught the trolley back to the boat I would have, but it runs very infrequently and I just kept trundling along (better than limping but not really striding), scrounging views of beauty all along the way. The tide had risen when I got back to the ship, so after my three and some mile walk the gangway now stood at about a 55° angle. Talk about a heart-sinking sight.


Heights scaled and weary, I made it back to my cabin, which currently faces a lumber yard that has an odd beauty all its own.

Tomorrow we will be at sea all day, on our way to San Francisco, and I have to confess to being ready for a rest. We’ve had beautiful weather and smooth sailing so far, and I’m hoping that continues. See you in a couple of days, and fair winds to you in the meanwhile.

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7 Comments on “The End Of An Ordeal”

  1. It sounds like you really enjoyed your day! Sleep well!

  2. LuAnne Wiles Says:

    sorry about the rabies.. eek. and bon voyage!! how fun!

  3. barbara Says:

    Is that ship, the Amsterdam, your ship?

  4. Katherine Says:

    So nice to be able to share this experience with you.thanks .

  5. Abra Bennett Says:

    Yes, I’m on he Amsterdam, which is a happy coincidence. It’s fun for me too, sharing my days with you guys.

  6. Vicki Thomas Crown Says:

    I am looking forward to your adventures, maybe as much as you are!
    Thank you for keeping us posted. I am sorry about the whole rabies deal. Poor cat! Bon Voyage! Safe travels!

  7. Semra Says:

    Always enjoy reading your updates Abra 😊 Bon voyage…

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