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Woodpecker Morning

March 31, 2013

DSC_5872Rising-with-the-sun season is here, hurray! Today the sun and I rose at 6:30, but in a month or so it’ll be 5:30, and then close to 4:30 by mid-summer. It’s the season of not-enough-sleep, but then, it’s also the season of morning wonders.

Today, as I went out into the garden to gather rosemary, thyme, and parsley there was the percussion-with-echo of two woodpeckers. We seldom hear them here, and today they were evidently on two separate trees, as their rat-a-tat did a duet between a deep bass and a lighter alto. I can just imagine what all that head-banging does to their little brains, but their music gave my own personal brain a bright morning lift. The sun was already warm, the garden fresh with dew, and it’s going to be the most beautiful day of the year, if you like sunshine, warmth, and blue skies.

Making a purée of the herbs with roasted garlic and mint and slathering it over the leg of lamb I’ll smoke this afternoon I planned a lunch picnic on our new deck. We’re still weeks from moving into our new house, but a sunny picnic on the deck, the house quieted from its weekday contractor cacophony? Oh yes. Time to break out the sun screen and praise the day.