Cross Bat Off My List


Now that I’m just a week away from leaving home and kitties until after Christmas, friends are asking me how I’m progressing with my To-Do lists. So far today I have been able to cross off:

* Order yen and yuan
* Vote
* Drop off bat
*Convince T-Mobile and Verizon to settle my bill

Of course, that last item took the longest, over a week, actually.  But really, it’s too exasperating to talk about.

The bat is what I really want to tell you about, that, and the advantages of living in a small town.

Yesterday Minou brought a creature in the house. I went to see what the batting-something-around sound was, and thought I saw a small bird. When I picked it up to rescue it, it turned into a bat. Quite a large bat, actually, considering how small and frail it had looked with its wings folded.

Now normally, of course, I would never pick up a live bat, so I was kind of freaked out. And since a bat that Minou could catch in broad daylight, a bat who couldn’t fly, a bat I’d touched bare-handed, all added up to potentially bad bat news, I confined the poor thing to a tupperware and waited for the health department to open this morning.

The bat expired overnight, even though I’d carefully punched breathing holes in the lid of the container. I’m not even sure why I did that, since obviously the lab was going to need a dead bat. So this morning I took an extremely dead bat into the County Health folks, who remarked that it was the second one to be brought in this morning, and it was only 10:00. Now I’m waiting for them to test the bat for rabies, and really hoping that a series of four rabies shots is not in my future. Apparently you get them in your arm now, no longer in the abdomen, so that’s something.

Then, bat-disposal accomplished, I went a couple of blocks over to the Elections office to cast my mid-term vote. And guess what? I was the first person in my county to cast her ballot! In fact, they printed it out just for me, since on election day I’ll be at sea, somewhere between Hong Kong and Vietnam. I would imagine that going to that extreme to help me vote is a small-town thing, although I’d like to think that every county would make such an effort to help out a determined voter.

Having contributed my drop in the ballot box to the Blue Wave, I went another couple of blocks over to the bank that can get me Japanese yen and Chinese yuan overnight, with no service fee.

Maybe events could have unfolded like this in a large city, almost certainly so. But it took me under an hour to accomplish all that, and most of the time was spent waiting for my ballot to be printed. We don’t have everything here in Walla Walla, but within a five-block radius we can have a bat analyzed for rabies, a ballot personally printed, and receive foreign currency overnight.

Now if only we had some alternative to Verizon and T-Mobile and spending hours fidgeting on hold only to be transferred to yet another person for the gazillionth time, this town would be just about perfect.




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5 Comments on “Cross Bat Off My List”

  1. Kim Says:

    Have an amazing voyage! I’m off to greece as we speak, for 5 weeks. Hope to see you in the blue wave future! Xxoo. Kim

  2. Donna Maurillo Says:

    I don’t have to change my money because I’m going to Syracuse to visit my 93-year-old mother. And I don’t have to learn a new language because everyone there speaks English. Well, with a Little Italy accent and a bit of “I dare ya to disagree with me” attitude. But I can wear it well once I put it back on for my visits.

    I have nothing comparable to offer for your bat experience. The hummingbirds outside the kitchen window are nowhere near as scary.

    Lots of luck with the Blue Wave! My lady friends and I (along with a token male) have been writing personal postcards to Democratic and Independent voters for a couple of months. They will hit the post office sometime in October. We are hoping for a really big splash.

    Have a fun time and let us know about the cuisine. I’ve heard that the real stuff is memorable!

  3. If they think it had rabies then an injection now and another in a couple of weeks time. If you got scratched by it then some small injections near the wound, but it’s probably too late for that by now.

    Just a week and then three months away!
    Have a great time at sea – meet lots of lovely people!
    Don’t forget to celebrate every holiday you can find on any calendar!!

    Bon voyage!!

  4. Katherine Says:

    It must be bat weather over there

  5. […] I told you here that I had crossed the bat off my list, I was being excessively optimistic. In reality, that bat […]

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