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Things Float Past

July 28, 2013

DSC_7024Sometimes living on the water is just mind-boggling. See this poached egg-like thingy? It’s actually a jelly fish, about 24″ across, as seen from our deck, in company with dozens of its brethren. We’ve been seeing them just about every warm day, and since just about every day for weeks has been uncharacteristically warm, the waters have been swarming with fried egg jellies.

DSC_7047Great rafts of weird green algae have also accompanied the warm waters, drifting over our oyster beds and causing me to rethink eating oysters at this time of year, although technically they’re still fine.


The calm waters have also sprouted a steady stream of boats of all kinds, from peaceful sailboats and guys with impressive abs on paddle boards, to whining little waspy jet skis and power boaters in what looks and sounds like way too much of a hurry.


These big boys are out too, although I imagine they’re pretty much oblivious to the weather,

DSC_7010unlike the happy cruisers on the annual circumnavigation of the island by the steamboat Virginia V (which we haplessly pronounced Virginia Vee for years, until we learned that Roman numerals are still in use in these parts).


The geese have been promenading with their goslings, which grow like weeds in the warm water, but lots cuter.


And speaking of weeds, we awoke this morning to find a huge clump of someone’s yard trimmings on our beach. This mess is about 8 feet long, and how it managed to wash intact from whatever careless gardener’s beach to ours is a mystery to me. However, the tide’s a’risin’ and it will soon be someone else’s mystery to ponder.


My favorites are the jellies, though. Here you can see all its hairlike cilia, and these babies can move amazingly fast, whipping those fine appendages in a gorgeous undulation of slime.

You’d have to be dead to be bored here. From slime to submarines, it’s all sublime.