Easing Toward La Vie Francaise

dsc03210.jpg In only three weeks I’ll be able to walk to the boulangerie instead of baking my own madeleines.   Ok, admittedly I seldom bake madeleines, but the anticipated thrill of walking a few steps out the door for the morning’s baking is a lot of what’s keeping us going these days, as we draw ever nearer to stepping off the edge of our lives.

We’re going to live in France.  Incroyable.

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4 Comments on “Easing Toward La Vie Francaise”

  1. Wendy Says:

    Yeah!! this will be very nice Abra. I can’t wait to see all the gorgeous pictures of the food and the area. bon voyage!

  2. Jordan Says:

    Looks great mom!

    I am looking forward to the food pics but I hope you will add some pics of the landscape as well, only having been to France briefly myself I would love to know what it looks like and the house too of course.

  3. Lee Says:

    WOW!! Now that is what I call a spectacular birthday present to oneself!!! I hope you will fill in the details of what led to this decision!! I am very happy and excited for you!! My brother and sister in-laws just moved to Italy for 3-5 years and I have plans to visit next year. If you are still in Europe, we will HAVE to plan a visit!!!

    With much love, Lee

  4. Lorna Says:

    Yay…I’ve found my replacement for EG! Love your pictures, writing, and I’m sure I’ll fall in love with France too. Let me know if you decide to set up a Seattle off-shoot of this site. I still take food pictures, but have only been leaving them on Flickr for the past several months.

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