Deciphering French Food

dsc04284.jpg This little book, The A to Z of French Food, is an exceptional resource.  It fits easily into your purse or inside jacket pocket for those times when you need a discreet interpretation of the most obscure menu terminology.

And you get culture lessons on the side.  For example, if you see pain de légumes on the menu and you’re wondering if it’s some sort of French zucchini bread, you can learn not only that it means “layers of puréed vegetables molded into a loaf shape” but also that a big boss or VIP can be referred to as “une grosse légume.”  Well, probably you don’t want to call your boss a big vegetable to her face while you’re still enjoying your job, but you can save that one for just the right occasion.

Seventeen days to go.

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5 Comments on “Deciphering French Food”

  1. Seema Says:


    This looks fantastic. I do hope you manage to keep it up. I’m totally depending on living vicariously via this website to get me through the next (and last!) year of my PhD. We will try and make plans to come visit you guys soon.


  2. Lorna Says:

    What is that lovely cake you’re eating?

  3. abrabennett Says:

    That’s the French Yogurt Cake from Dorie Greenspan’s Baking book. Quite delicious, in a teatime way.

  4. Steve Says:

    Chrissamighty, this is $50 on Amazon! On ABE books, two copies available at $102 and $329! What’s with this?

    But I want one.

  5. abrabennett Says:

    I got it directly from France, for 22 Euros (still fabulously expensive) from

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