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Oh, The Power

June 18, 2013

DSC_6710Since our new house faces just about due south, and since nothing at all shades our roof, which is nice and flattish, we decided to put a big solar array up there. We installed 40 panels, which went right to work on May 27th, even on cloudy and drizzly days, making power for us to use, and power for our neighbors to use. We’re an actual power plant now, selling a lot of power back to Puget Sound Electric, and boy is it fun.

Shel checks the meter every morning, and not long ago announced that we were soon to reach our first goal of one megawatt generated, or 1 million watts. Enough to power 10,000 100 watt light bulbs for one hour.  We just crossed that cool threshold, just 22 non-summer days after start-up. It’s about 3 times the power that we consumed during that same period. Woo hoo!