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Down To The Sea In Ships

September 19, 2012

Being out on the water for five weeks, we naturally saw a lot of boats, ships, and every sort of sea-going vessel. Some, like these little Norwegian beauties, look too fragile to venture far from home. Yet, like their Viking ancestor boats, they were build to withstand the sea.

Here, for the maritime-minded among you, is an assortment of shiply delights.

At the other end of the scale from those little shells are this enormous and frame-filling Icelandic Coast Guard ship

and this bulbous and high-riding Norwegian fishing boat, docked next to our ship, the Maasdam.

While we were in Reykjavik there were French tourists everywhere, who came from this huge cruise ship, the MSC Lirica,

and the harbor was undergoing a big dredging operation to make room for her, and for us.

We saw Norwegian fjord ferries,

Dutch hydrofoil ferries,

and a Newfoundlandic (is that even a word?) harbor ferry.

The canal from Amsterdam to the sea was chock-a-block with every sort of vessel, many of them truly gigantic.

My favorites, though, were the brave little boats, this one Norwegian

this one Greenlandic. There’s something heart-stopping about putting your life in the embrace of a tiny boat and the mighty sea, an experience that we only got vicariously while cruising.

Wishing all mariners fair winds and a following sea, and now, in just a few days, we’re off to take the season’s last cruise to Alaska.