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Love In A Lodge

February 18, 2012

For Valentine’s Day  Shel and I decided to take a little road trip, about 400 miles round trip, and spend the night in romantic Lake Quinault Lodge. It’s the kind of place where a Roosevelt’s Elk head presides over an always-roaring fire

that we don’t have to tend ourselves. A fire that’s surrounded by lazy couples reading, drinking, napping, bickering, and in our case, playing checkers. We only play checkers in National Park lodges, which is to say, practically never. Thus we don’t even really know the rules, and definitely are not strategic players. But we have lots of fun at it, and especially I do, because, inexplicably, I often win. I won’t say much more about that, except: going into dinner that night, Shel having disappeared, I said to another guy waiting to be seated “I’ve lost my husband.” And he said “it’s no wonder, after the way you totally kicked his butt at checkers this afternoon!” So there.

We were hanging out inside at the lodge all afternoon because it’s not really boating season,

and even if it had been, the whole reason we were there was because Shel wanted to be in a lodge, reading by the fire.

Of course, he didn’t mention wanting to get his butt kicked at checkers, but hey, it was my Valentine’s Day too!

While he was reading, I took the camera out to show you the beautiful lodge area.

The lodge itself was built in 1926 and has been carefully maintained since FDR visited it in 1937.

Maintenance isn’t easy, since the area gets 12 feet of rain per year, on average. 12 feet is where the green turns to blue, on this rain guage, right at the level of the top of the doors on the first floor.

You wouldn’t think that anything could be dry there, but this hydrangea would prove you wrong.

Just down the road a piece from the lodge was the general store, where they apparently have whatever you want,

and the Mercantile, where firewood at $4.50 an armload benefits the Lion’s Club.

But really, why would you even want to venture out, when you could snuggle up in a cosy sofa with your loved one and gaze up at this gorgeous ceiling? (photo courtesy of my own Best Beloved)

Or a bit later, at dinner, gaze into this bewitching candle light?

As we got up to leave for the evening the group of other couples, many older than we, just a few young ones, softly, shyly, called out Happy Valentines Day to those who were departing, each couple happy, no doubt, to pass the night in the blissful company of the one they loved most. I know we were.

And in the morning, fortified by a gigantic Lodge breakfast, we ventured out into the Quinault Rain Forest, which is what we’ll see next. Eat a pancake or three to get in the mood and come along with us.