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Heavy Traffic

June 21, 2014

DSC_8480Although there’s a ton of boat traffic past my door each day, every so often something truly amazing floats by. This baby was breathtakingly enormous, so much so that I had to run and look her up.

DSC_8482 She turned out to be the Rainier, and Wikipedia tells me that she’s a fast combat support ship and is 764 feet long, which totally dwarfs the largest ferry that passes by here and is a mere 440 feet long.

DSC_8500And then, just a couple of days later, this item went by. I call her an item because, really, what could she be?

DSC_8507She looked like nothing so much as a giant floating garage. Neither Google nor Wikipedia enlightened me, and it’s a sad day in info-overload land when I come up blank like that. Does anyone care to hazard a guess?