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Annecy’s Charming Market

April 11, 2011

In Annecy we stayed in this perfect apartment, with a view out over the town.

We were super-comfortable there, as you can see, even though the Internet connection there was temporarily not working. Besides, that gave us an excuse to hang out at the neighborhood bar, drinking coffee and reading our mail.

Three mornings a week, just at the end of the street, Annecy’s excellent market spreads its wares. Sunday is the biggest market, with vendors selling everything imagineable.

Of course there are mountains, of cheese, but I think you already imagined that. But there’s also

men’s clothing,

womens’ underclothing,

piles of bread and pastry,

the freshest of vegetables,

lots of nougat and other sweet treats,

pencils, toys, and other little trinkets made of wood,

and even a stand where you can bring your old chairs to be re-caned and repaired.

The market is Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday, and we managed to go to all three, which is my idea of the right way to live.

Next we’ll have a look at some Annecy shop windows, then a nearby chateau, and finally, we’ll get back to Uzès. There’s a lot to see and do in and around Annecy, so go there if you can, and to make your visit really special, be sure your stay there coincides with a market day.