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Oh Is For Faroes

August 9, 2012

If you’re longing for serenity, stillness, and sweet solitude, the Faroe Islands might be for you.

A haven for hermits,

a place made for painters and photographers.

A place where people depend on fishing

to feed their families, as well as growing potatoes,

and growing and drying grasses to feed their animals: sheep, horses, and some cows.

A place where virtually everything else, including building materials, is imported from Denmark. There’s not even a Faroese cheese. A country that’s part of the Kingdom of Denmark, with an independence movement that’s said to include about half the population, but which lacks visible means of support in the modern world. A country that you can’t understand in a day, which is all we had there.

A gentle, empty land where your nearest neighbors are probably sheep,

or possibly puffins. We were dying to see puffins, and therefore thrilled beyond words to see these guy, even though they weren’t nearly close enough to suit us. We didn’t see pufflings, as baby puffins are called, but I think puffling is my new favorite word.

And if I ever decide to take a step out of the world, to live far from all I know, to dream, perchance to write, the Faroe Islands might be my new favorite place.