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Too Many Cookbooks

May 27, 2010

I have a lot of cookbooks, for a person who rarely uses one.

In the past I decided to limit myself to these two bookshelves, imposing a strict one-for-one discipline.  If I wanted a new one, I had to get rid of an old one.  In this way I got rid of a lot of perfectly good cookbooks, and acquired some that I hoped would be even better.

When I had a personal chef business, I needed all these books in order to surprise and delight my clients.  And then…..the Internet became a superb recipe source, both in English and in French, I stopped cooking for a living, and I started neglecting my cookbook collection.  Plus, as you’ll notice, they no longer fit into two bookshelves.

And so, I’ve decided to give some of them away to you, dear readers.  But which ones?  Nearly every one tells me a story, and whispers its desire to live right here cozily near its familiar neighbors.  But reason prevails.  And here’s my plan.

Several times a week I’ll pick up one of these treasures and give it a good look-through.  I’ll cook the one recipe from it that speaks to me the loudest on that day.  I’ll share the recipe with you.  I’ll do a little review of the book.  And then I’ll decide.  Will I use it enough to warrant keeping it?  Or would one of you appreciate it more than I would?  The truth will out, and my library will shrink.  And you’ll have a chance to help me clear my shelves.  Stay tuned.