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Cruising the Western Mediterranean

October 21, 2011

A week in the sunny Med, hot days ashore, lovely evenings aboard the MS Ryndam, somehow I never found the time to post here. Not to mention the execrably slow Internet connection one finds on board, and the exorbitant prices one pays to stay connected to what’s ostensibly reality, that oh so far away life on land. However, I learned a very cool thing in an onboard workshop: how to make a little “movie” from still photographs. And so, here it is, your private tour through Malaga, Cadiz, Casablanca, Azemmour, El Jadida, Ibiza, and Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia. I hope you enjoy it – let me know if I should do more of these for you or if I should keep my day job, just writing, clicking, and posting, without the special effects.

p.s. We had a lovely time, and Shel is seriously considering becoming a full-time cruiser. It must be those towel animals!


Un Ouf De Soulagement

October 6, 2011

Whew! That’s what ouf de soulagement means, a sigh of relief. Finally, and not a moment too soon for we leave in the morning, the packing gods have been appeased. Each of us has one suitcase under 50 pounds and one large carry-on, to last us for the next three months. Three months of clothes that will take us from Casablanca to Colmar, the first sunny and warm next week, the second most likely snowy when we get there at the end of November.

Saturday will find us, by the purest coincidence and a post on Facebook, having lunch in Barcelona with Arne and Janine, who are there now from Vancouver, B.C. We don’t get to see them often, even though we live just three hours apart, so what’s the chance that we’d all be in Barcelona at the same time? And what’s the chance that I’d even see their Facebook post saying so, given how random and perverse the site has become? But we are and I did, and so the beautiful Barcelona will be enhanced by having a welcoming committee, friends with whom to go to a tapas bar and share some of that delicious Spanish food and locally-made vermouth.

But before that we’ll have to spend quite a long time up in the sky, and then afterwards we’ll be on a ship for a week, from which I will attempt to stay in touch here, but Internet at sea is even less reliable than Facebook, and I’m not promising anything. So until then, whenever then may be, wish us fair skies and smooth sailing, and hasta la vista.