Bonine For Breakfast


It’s been rough. It’s not that I’m particularly a wuss, but 15 foot swells make it hard to walk around, or even to stand upright. We were sailing perpendicular to the swell all night, heading north, which made for a pretty wild night’s sleep. Here is where being higher up in the ship, which the suites are, is a disadvantage. I’ve been feeling more rocking, rolling, and pitching than my companions on lower floors. But that has also had the happy effect of improving my French vocabulary, as my Québécois friends on board have schooled me in the difference between brassage (being tossed or jumbled around), tangage (being pitched front to back), and a sea that’s roulant (rocking and rolling from side to side).

I felt very lucky to be able to concentrate on a vocabulary lesson and be distracted from the actual events that inspired it. I don’t know how long it takes to get one’s “sea legs” but I sure haven’t gotten them yet.

So far I haven’t felt actually queasy, but then, I don’t want to. The minute my eyes started to feel funny and a little headache nagged at me, I popped a Bonine. It’s kind of a miracle drug, actually, because it prevents mal de mer without making me sleepy. Nobody else I know has admitted to feeling the need to take it, so maybe I am a wuss, but I don’t care in the least.


The sun didn’t rise today until 8:26 a.m., so it looked like this when I awoke. Soon we’ll be heading west into the Bering Sea, threading our way through the Aleutian Islands to Dutch Harbor, on the island of Amaknak. Dutch Harbor has a lot of interesting WWII history associated with it, plus it doesn’t move out from under your feet when you try to stand on it, which seems like a distinct advantage. And also, crab, one of my favorite foods, is what to eat in town. I can’t wait to get there!

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2 Comments on “Bonine For Breakfast”

  1. Elizabeth Bailey Says:

    Following you!

  2. Pour moi, tangage est le plus acceptable, mais tous les trois sont un peu desagreable !! Meilleur temps!!

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