Shinrin-Yoku…..Forest Bathing


Today, to celebrate my last day living on terra firma for the next quarter-year, my little family and I went forest bathing at the spectacular Bloedel Reserve.


Parts of our time there were silly,


parts were Zen,


most was green,


but there were occasional splashes of color.


I was doing a trial of my new pocket camera, purchased especially for this trip,


and I would judge that it acquitted itself very well.

And now, I feel prepared to be uprooted


and set off for parts unknown. Beauty is everywhere, and I aim to see it all.



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3 Comments on “Shinrin-Yoku…..Forest Bathing”

  1. aconnolly24 Says:

    Quelles belles images! Je vous souhaite un bon voyage!

  2. barbara Says:

    where is this? I remember the lovely Japanese Garden in Portland. Give us the name of your ship so we can “follow” it as you go along.

  3. Agnès Cottave Says:

    Bon vent Abra, même si c’est un grand bateau sans voiles !!!!

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