To Market, To Market


Just a little photo essay for you today, and fairly random, at that. I walked out my front door and into the Saturday market, in all its crowded, bustling glory, and wherever I could get a clear shot of some of its offerings, I did. Here’s just a part of what you can get at my local market, everything from discount boots to wine sold by a nun. Have a look.

IMG_9050 IMG_9051 IMG_9052 IMG_9053

IMG_9054 IMG_9055 IMG_9056 IMG_9057

IMG_9058 IMG_9060 IMG_9061 IMG_9062

IMG_9064 IMG_9066 IMG_9068 IMG_9070

IMG_9072 IMG_9073 IMG_9075 IMG_9076

IMG_9078 IMG_9079 IMG_9080 IMG_9081

And just think, I’m leaving this behind to do my shopping in a grocery store.

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5 Comments on “To Market, To Market”

  1. Sue Geisler Says:

    What wonderful displays. I hope that you bought something!

  2. Nancy Schmitt Says:

    Fantastic – much better than Eugene, OR Saturday market. Much more interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Catanea Says:

    Oh! The olive wood kitchen utensils. I have some, and no place to store any more. But they are so beautiful AND lovely to touch. Just wipe clean quickly and then rub with a drop of olive oil to keep them that way…

  4. Rebecca Says:

    Abra, your photography is world class wonderful.

  5. Mary Kay Says:

    This brings me back to the week we spent in Uzes in 2010. The market is indeed a delight. I still crave the gorgonzola dulce with eyes that bubbled while we watched – truly an alive cheese. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos!

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