Lunch In Italy


It’s hard to say just why, but all of a sudden I had a hankering to go to Italy for lunch, just because I could. So on Saturday I set off with Xavier and Semra, heading to Ventimiglia on the train, with no plan except to have lunch, and visit the food market.





In the event, the food market was more exciting than the actual lunch. The produce was spectacular, and unbelievably cheap in comparison to what we’re seeing in this part of France.



The whole market was awash in artichokes, and many of them were already stripped down, ready to be made into a fresh salad with Parmesan.

IMG_8917 IMG_8920

The salamis and cheeses were gorgeous, so much so that we had to return after lunch to buy some to take home. At lunch I had discovered gorgonzola cremosa, a mild and creamy cheese with the texture of a runny Époisses, and I had to have more. I have to say that it tastes just as good in my little student apartment as it did in Italy, and it’s a crying shame that we don’t see it in the States.

Ventimiglia also boasts a lovely little estuary absolutely filled with ducks, swans, and gulls.


On the way home to Villefranche we got off the train and wandered through Menton, which was all lit up for the holidays.


We had hoped to visit the Cocteau Museum, but arrived too late. Even though they were still open they wouldn’t let us in, so we had to content ourselves with glimpses through the windows of the interesting building. Our true reward, however,


was a store window that presented the most fabulous photo op imaginable for Xavier and Semra.

And now there are only four days remaining in my stay here, although I wish I had another couple of weeks, four weeks not having been enough time to master all the grammar that I’d like to have perfected. Before I leave I’ll show you some art from the museums we were actually able to get into, and then I’ll be off to Uzès, my second home, to see what life holds in store for me there, as the holidays draw near.

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5 Comments on “Lunch In Italy”

  1. J Kroon Says:

    What colors!!!! What foods!!!! The pictures are a wonderful advertisement for Italy and its products.
    So glad you are making this journey.
    Hope you have pleasant holidays in France.

  2. bcinfrance Says:

    Those are lovely photos. I don’t know much more of Italy than Ventimiglia — I hopped over there once when I was on a study program in Nice. Have a good trip back to Uzes.

  3. Ujwala Says:

    Love, love, love your pictures and comments!! In the marche at Lyon (near Perrache) we’d have this merchant come from Milan and he would have fresh pasta, cheese etc. Very pricy, but a great treat nonetheless. I miss the marches with their clementines from Tunisia, pasta from Milan, Banon from Banon, wild boar sausages…. well soon, soon we’ll be back and Abra, I hope you come and visit us wherever they send us. xoxo

  4. Tom Maresca Says:

    Gorgonzola cremosa is available in the US. Here in NY, several shops keep it, including Buon Italialia, Di Palo’s, and Murray’s. Try it with Bosc pears as the most delicious simple dessert possible.

    Tom Maresca

  5. Rebecca Says:

    Oh, I am there, on your travels with you, in my heart. Many many endless thanks, Abra, for sharing, not just this bit of adventure, but all of it, ALL f it, ALL OF IT, every moment, sweet, bitter, runny, full- of a full LIFE, thank you.

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