Roman Bath

IMG_8593There was a point when Shel and I said “ho-hum, more Roman ruins,” since we were so surrounded by them in the south of France. But today, in the ancient Roman town of Bath, I was wide awake.

IMG_8591And who wouldn’t be? Just look at this gorgeous bath, jade green, pristine, so seductive.

IMG_8597Fed by this steaming thermal pool

IMG_8595and guarded by these beauties

IMG_8594it’s all I could do to keep from jumping right in,

IMG_8604from putting my feet right here where Roman feet stepped, just before they got a good soaking.

IMG_8600But even this fierce man, guarding a temple doorway, couldn’t save the Roman empire,

IMG_8601which eventually crumbled, its power drained by the forces of natural decay that affect all civilizations.

IMG_8602Although as drains go, you have to admit that this one is pretty picturesque.

IMG_8586Fast forward to 1499, when construction began on Bath Abbey, although it wasn’t finished until 1616, so if your contractor is late with your remodel, cut him some slack. The Abbey wasn’t open to visitors when I was there, because services were being held. I sneaked into a Choral Matins, a lovely thing with a choir of 30 boys and men, singing like angels under the soaring vaults of the church. I had planned to sit in back, so that I could slip away for more touristical pursuits, like shopping, but an usher led me way down front. And thus it was that I heard my first-ever Church of England sermon, in which the priest surprised me by referring to the ongoing G20 Summit as an opportunity for rich countries to address some of the greater global inequalities.

IMG_8609After church I eased back toward modern times gazing at the breathtaking Pulteney Bridge, which was completed in 1774, at which time the United States didn’t yet exist. Swimming in those Old Country waters really puts things into perspective.

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One Comment on “Roman Bath”

  1. Henk and Greta Says:

    My souvenir of Bath is that many years ago I forgot my wallet in the hotel room and they were so kind to send it to our home in Belgium. Having to leave England with no passport. That’s being young.

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