Return And Turn Again

DSC_9232Here I go, on my way back to France, via a week in London. In London my plan is to be as much of a tourist as possible, so I promise to show you all the sights, as soon as I get used to traveling on my own after 20 years of travelling with Shel.

Once in France I plan to nestle in, finding a French life that can be mine alone. Shared with you, of course, but otherwise mine, all mine. Wish me luck and please come along for the ride. It might get a bit rocky, but I hope it will be rewarding.

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15 Comments on “Return And Turn Again”

  1. Kathi Says:

    Safe Travels!

  2. Nancy Says:

    Bon voyage, Abra. You have many friends wishing you the best, but it will still be different without Shel. I wish you courage and flourishing in this next stage of life, and I’m surely not alone in those wishes. Thanks for continuing to bring us along.

  3. Linda Says:

    Take care Abra! God bless and have a wonderful holiday- looking forward to the pictures and vivid description that you are so good at communicating. Linda Jahnke

  4. roostamama Says:

    safe travels…..I look forward to your posts from France, glad you continue to post…thank you

  5. Allene Goforth Says:

    Abra, I wish you a safe and rewarding trip and look forward to hearing about your adventures.

  6. Jah Harding Says:

    Bon voyage Abra. I hope you’ll find moments of delight and discovery in between the ones when you’re very aware of Shel’s absence. I’ll be interested in your insights as I expect one day, sooner than I once imagined, I’ll also become a single woman learning to travel solo.

  7. Marigene Says:

    I am sure this is going to be a bittersweet trip…but have the best time you can. Look forward to reading of your travels.

  8. Abra, yes I do still check in to your blog occasionally. I have kept up on your grief and sorry with losing Shel.

    I hope your trip is rewarding, and I suspect it is necessary. I will be following what you have to say…

  9. I meant “your grief and sorrow…” Sorry for the error.

  10. Henk and Greta Says:

    We wish you a safe and most rewarding trip. Looking forward seeing you here in France. Big hug.

  11. Varsha Says:

    Abra, I love reading your letters and feel fortunate to have spent sometime with you and Shel last summer!

  12. aromacucina Says:

    Have fun in London!!! Don’t be too horrified at how expensive everything is…. stunningly expensive!!

  13. David Says:

    Bonne route Abra! Carving a new path is never easy, but always rewarding. I wish you well and many discoveries along the way.

  14. Catanea Says:

    The very, very best of luck.
    Enjoy London,
    and Frants [:)].

  15. nb Says:

    bon voyage

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