Oyster Emergency


These oysters don’t look distressed, floating as they are in a fragrant bath of butter, lemon juice, and hot sauce. They look downright gobble-able, in fact, which they were. The distressing part is that these are just a paltry handful of the many, way too many, oysters from our garden that are ready to be eaten, and deserve to be eaten before I head back to France and leave them to grow even larger, perhaps taking over Puget Sound in my absence.

Because we had several shellfish harvesting closures during the unusually warm months, oysters that were ready to slurp in summertime now make a pretty huge mouthful, and are better suited to grilling, frying, chowder-ing, and heaven only knows what else-ing. Or perhaps you know. Help me out here – what’s your favorite recipe for larger oysters? It’s a problem I’ve never had before, a plethora of oysters insisting on either growing to gigantesque proportions, or being summarily and deliciously dispatched. Please share your best recipe, in the name of oyster population reduction!

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9 Comments on “Oyster Emergency”

  1. Catanea Says:

    wait for pearls

  2. Ujwala Says:

    How about oyster-potato-green onion galettes?

  3. Dick Lunde Says:

    Many years ago at a seafood place in Honolulu (downtown somewhere) I had some really big oysters (at least as big as those in the picture) which had been breaded in a savory breading and lightly sauteed. About four of them, accompanied by some vegetables, made a nice meal. Those were the biggest I’ve ever seen, and they were tender and tasty. Sorry, I don’t have a recipe, just a memory of a delightful meal.

  4. Abra Bennett Says:

    You can actually eat a dozen of these, but that’s it, a dozen and no more. Nothing else, depending, of course, on the richness of the sauce.

  5. Ema Jones Says:

    Oyster make yummy seafood, I would love to pair the dish with garlic bread.

  6. Due Geisler Says:

    I’m with Dick – breaded and fried unless you like them raw.

  7. Sue Geisler Says:

    I’d rather be Sue than Due.

  8. Edye Says:

    Or send them to your friends! (hint hint!) 😉

  9. Diane Says:

    Oyster Rockefeller casserole. It’s delicious, containing spinach and parmesan and breadcrumbs. Google it. I think the recipe i used years ago came from the Cotton Country cookbook. but I suspect you will find it somewhere.

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