Moon Flies Free

DSC_8693The super moon has gotten herself caught in the branches of this garden of earthly delights. Me, I wish I could find my way back to the garden from this, my lost place. I see it, but I can’t yet get there from here.

DSC_8698She rises above all terrestrial entrapments. She’s more buoyant than I am, I who see shadows everywhere I look, flickers out of the corner of my eye, presence in absence, no Shel anywhere but still, Shel everywhere.

DSC_8703She flies free, on her own path. I’m still seeking mine.

DSC_8713-001This is the first day since Shel died 14 weeks ago that I haven’t seen a soul. I’ve spoken on the phone, three times, but aside from people passing on the water, I haven’t seen another person. This has been my day to be super-alone woman, on the day of the super moon.

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3 Comments on “Moon Flies Free”

  1. nb Says:

    Moon looks like Mimolette cheese !

  2. Catanea Says:

    The Moon is good company.

  3. rebecca Says:

    Your beautiful photos say it all.
    We’ll get there from here. Bit by bit… time.
    Though difficult, taking the slow steps through grief will serve us well eventually. In the end, we are strong. (And lonely.)

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