Ebb Tide


I took this picture at Shel’s 67th birthday party, this past January.

This morning finds me
Tiptoeing through the empty house
Walking on eggshells
Sock-foot and soundless
Hoping not to crush any tiny mote of Shel
That might yet remain

I slip-slide from room to room
Opening and closing windows
Touching the places he left empty
Until I realize that
I am the eggshell
It’s myself I must not crush

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13 Comments on “Ebb Tide”

  1. Karen Says:

    What a beautiful photo of Shel. I saved a copy for my album.

  2. Ujwala Says:

    No words Abra… none. xoxo

  3. Randi Says:

    This breaks my heart.

  4. Catanea Says:

    I’m sorry…he is just so handsome.
    I suppose it is a vacuous remark.

  5. roostamama Says:

    hugs from an internet friend ((()))))

  6. You put it well. I remember a place like that in my life. Today I was at a bar mitzvah today. Thought of Shel and included him when we recited the mourner’s kaddish and sent him blessings. It was a privilege to know him. I remember fondly the Portland outings with the two of you

  7. Dakari Wikkeling Says:

    I feel your pain.

  8. Janan Henry Says:

    Lovely photograph – I’ll cherish it – as well as what you have shared.

  9. Smithy Says:

    Hugs to you,and thoughts/prayers for you. Wish I could do more.

  10. Henk and Greta Says:

    Impressive poetry, Abra. Chapeau!

  11. Barry Twyman Says:

    Lovely poetry Abra , wonderful photo, thank you

  12. wonderfully moving picture…..and words

  13. Richard Hall Says:

    This is a great picture. Can you email it to me to place among the family pictures we hang at out mountain house near Cashiers, NC.

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