How It’s Going

DSC_8077People ask me all the time how Shel’s doing. I think this is the truest answer, to say how he’s not doing. Now I’m the one who’s driving when the two of us are in the car, I’m loading the dishwasher, I’m putting out the garbage and recycling, I’m getting the paper and the mail in the morning, I’m doing Shel’s laundry, and heaven help me, sometimes I’m even making the coffee. These are things I wouldn’t have thought of doing just a month ago, because these were Shel’s jobs. Now they’re mine.


And I’m learning that it’s a sacrament to fold Shel’s laundry.

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7 Comments on “How It’s Going”

  1. Alain LAURENT Says:

    Bon courage à Vous deux et surtout à Toi Abra
    Gros bisous de nous deux sans oublier vos compagnons….

  2. ChuckA Says:

    I found this through a facebook comment from my sister, Patti, and was deeply touched. I’ll keep you and your beloved Shel in my prayers for peace, comfort and healing grace. As the primary caregiver for my cherished wife of 33 years who was diagnosed at the age of 56 with early stage dementia, I can relate to “it’s a sacrament to fold Shel’s laundry.”
    keep in mind
    “Love never fails.” 1 Corinthians 13

  3. Lucy V Says:

    Love to you both.

  4. Nan Says:

    You don’t know me but I’ve been following your blog from the beginning. I’ve also had some experience with what you’re going through now. My heart is full of good wishes, love, and prayers for you both. Nan

  5. Alain LAURENT Says:

    A la mess de onze heures, nous dirons une prière pour vous deux.
    Nous vous embrassons bien fort
    Alain et Marie France

  6. Maradel Gale Says:

    Much love to you, Abra and Shel. You are in my thoughts.

  7. Carly Yaeger Says:

    Abra- Hi! Autumn Skeen recommended I check out this blog, and get in contact with you for an article I am writing. I love your blog, and would be very interested in speaking with you or maybe even meeting up! I am writing an article on the Patisserie in Walla Walla, and how French culture can be seen (even in the slightest) in our small town. Would love to talk to you! My e-mail is or my number is (208) 946-3318. Thanks!
    -Carly Yaeger

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