Light A Candle

IMG_7292Friends and dear ones, light a candle for us, please, because we’re in bad shape over here. Shel’s in a lot of pain, plus now he’s doing ten more days of radiation for spinal metastases. The insurance company, predictably, refused to pay for the targeted drug, but we’re appealing that and are keeping our fingers crossed.

I wake up in the morning, my pillow already damp with the first of the day’s tears. Mascara is utterly wasted on me. Toby is learning to go outside, on a leash, and shivers when he realizes how big and cold the world is outside the house. Me too. Shel struggles valiantly on, like the gull flying past, now finding a bright evening ray, winging over dark water, catching the last of the light.

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31 Comments on “Light A Candle”

  1. Vicki Says:

    Thoughts and prayers are with you and your beloved, Shel.

  2. Larry Dewey Says:

    Oh, Abra, I’m sorry to hear about the treatment denial. If Shel feels up to a visitor just to hang with him, please call on me. I’m there.

  3. Candle lit. Blessings.

  4. Fabre Says:

    Thinking of you and Shel, Abra and sending healing thoughts to both of you.

  5. Marigene Says:

    My thoughts and prayers to you and Shel.

  6. Lise Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this. Healing thoughts and many candles…

  7. Conni Brownell Says:

    Of course I will, love you both

  8. Karen Says:

    Shel, Abra…. I wish there were words that could make this better, ease the pain. Please tell Shel we are always thinking of him and sending thoughts and prayers your way, hoping for a reversal in the insurance denial and Shel’s pain. Karen & David Chrestay

  9. jessica Says:

    Abra, healing thoughts to Shel. I hope that you can get the insurance company to change. Peace and love to you.

  10. Words cannot possibly express the ache my heart feels for you both. Shel, I have always loved you and I must say, if I could contribute anything at all at easing your pain, I would MORE that gladly do it! Hang in…….. love IS all around you.

  11. Alain LAURENT Says:

    Nous vous assurons toute notre amitié
    Pensons beaucoup à vous et prions pour Shel
    Nous vous embrassons bien fort

  12. Barbara Jacquin Says:

    Life can be so hard. I’m praying for you both.

  13. Catanea Says:

    Candle lit.
    If you start petitioning the insurance company again, count on me.

  14. Sending love, hugs and prayers. Hang in there !!

  15. melinda Says:

    wishing for yor you both a lessening of pain

  16. Lucy V Says:

    Abra, we’re lighting candles here. Shedding tears too. I’m going to to church to light some there too. Take care of yourself and Shel.

  17. barrytwyman Says:

    Keep fighting Abra ….our prayers are with you Both xx

  18. Mark Says:

    Blessings of healing and peace to all of you.

  19. Donna Overall Says:

    Shel, I love you and pray for your perfect health and wholeness. Abra, I’ve come to love you through your marvelous writing on French Letters. Thank you for being Shel’s absolute rock through all these years. You two are such a beautiful example of true love and compassion. My heart is with you both as you face this challenge together.

  20. paula Says:

    Thoughts and prayers are with you both.

  21. Cape Coop Says:

    Abra, you are in my thoughts every daily, you and your beloved Shel and your pets. I’ve had tumors in my spine and also had targeted “spot” radiation on the area. One of the anecdotal treatments for that particular nasty pain is to take some Claritin- I was told to begin the Claritin the day before I began radiation sessions. I did find that it helped in a noticeable way! Also, I’ve been taking Gabapantin for nerve pain associated with tumors- you may ask about this? I wish for you good and light, and that all of your good moments are more lasting than the difficult ones.

  22. Aussie owner Says:

    So sorry to hear about this. i suggest you contact the pharmaceutical company and ask if they have a program to help out in situations like yours.

  23. heidih Says:

    Candle lit and positive energy directed towards the two of you.

  24. Janan Henry Says:

    I, too, light a candle for both of you – my heart aches for you both, but I send you good wishes and hope, always hope.

  25. Jennifer Says:

    Abra, I’ve been lurking and watching and learning from you for many many years, and haven’t ever felt brave enough to de-lurk (as they say).

    For all that you don’t know me from Adam (or Eve), I wanted to tell you and Shel that I am so sorry that things look so bleak right now. I, too, among so many other people, add my hopes and well-wishes that all will be well, or at least much better, soon.

    All my best hopes and wishes to you both.

  26. Edye Says:

    Lighting many many candles for you and for Shel. I am sending you both healing prayers to ease all your pain. Sending you prayers and lighting candles for peace of mind and heart. May you both be filled with all you need right now.

  27. Tom Says:

    Nancy and I are lighting candles, thinking good thoughts, and sending warm hugs to both of you. You know we love you both and hold you close in our hearts.

  28. Shel is in my thoughts, meditations and prayers every day.

  29. Heinz Says:

    Candles lit. All our best wishes and hopes to you both

  30. Elizabeth Says:

    Abra: I hope that the bone-chilling cold has ended so that there are moments of warm sunlight and stillness for you and some comfort and peace for Shel. A candle here, too.

  31. Mary Kay Gehring Says:

    Wishing you light in your time of darkness. Hoping for the best for both of you.

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