Too Cold To Moon


Hospital afternoon
planning Shel’s radiation
one shoulder, three ribs
bone metastases in all
they will beam him up next week
should hurt less, they say
might take a month before it hurts less, they also say
so cold outside it hurts to breathe
even if you don’t have cancer in your lung.

Back on the island, an icy wind
we seek refuge in the hot tub
which is only a warm tub in this weather
its heater no match for the Arctic blast
we see stars, it’s that clear
and a fingernail paring of a moon
anything that bobs above the water’s surface
kneecap, nipple, hapless cheeks and nose
chilled instantly.

A ferry passes in a hurry, on the ebb tide
we’ve been known to moon that ferry
on a dark night, secretly
but tonight our butts would freeze and fall off
so we keep them under water
ferry passengers safe from the sight.

Stepping barefoot out of the tub
icicles forming in my hair
wind whips me to tears
unless the tears are for some other reason
either way, lesson learned:
no soaking when it’s too cold to moon.

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7 Comments on “Too Cold To Moon”

  1. melinda Says:

    i dont know you personally except for following you online as I am also a francophile….and my daughter married a frenchman & now I have a half french grandbaby …..anyway, I am always touched by your posts and hoping for the best for you and Shel…..this was especially moving, …hope your new kitty keeps you warm

  2. Very moving….bon courage.

  3. Alain Says:

    Bon courage, pensons et sommes de tout cœur avec vous
    Alain et Marie France

  4. Rosa de los Vientos Says:

    A warm hug for you both.

  5. Janan Henry Says:

    Dear Abra and Shel – I hope the feelings of affection from all of us – your friends stateside and those abroad, those whom you have known for years and those who know you through your posts, can somehow warm you during these chilly times. I may not be there in person, but you two are so often in my thoughts. Take care, my friends, take good care.

  6. Cape Coop Says:

    When you, Shel and Abra, come to my thoughts, one thing I am sure of- as short as life is, you live it to the fullest and love the most.

  7. Ginger Says:

    … priceless – especially with the ferry passing by!

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