Heading For Home

DSC_7610-001Sometimes it’s impossible to see where you’re going, even though everyone around you is in the clear. Sometimes it seems like you’re living in a perpetual fog, unable to find your way. Sometimes you’re just dépaysé, disoriented, far from home. And that’s how French Letters has felt lo these 20 months, far from France, out of its element.

But now, actually tomorrow, French Letters will be repatriated, however briefly. We’re heading back to France for six weeks, to our same town, same house, same friends, same life, our vie française. Of course, you can never really go back. One couple of friends has gotten a divorce. A beloved teacher has retired. We’re no longer on speaking terms with a neighbor. Shel will play in a band with different members. And those are just the changes we know about. There are bound to be many others, given the passage of time.

We’re leaving our island with heavy hearts, because our beloved Beppo has never come home, and we now believe, as much as we can’t bear to admit it, that he’ll never come home again. But like that ferry in the fog, we can’t see everything that’s out there, we just don’t know all that’s going on around us, even on such a minute scale. Sadness envelops us like a cold mist, but joy might be just around the corner.

les palmiers 766

And if it’s going to be anywhere, it’ll be lying in wait for us here, in what was for so long our heart’s own home. The wisteria won’t be in bloom, that we know. More wineglasses will have been broken by summer guests, that we know for sure too. Shel will go next door to the bakery every morning, sure as sunrise. And for the rest, well, we’ll just wait and see. Come along with us for our fifth return home.

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6 Comments on “Heading For Home”

  1. Karen Chrestay Says:

    Have a wonderful visit, Abra & Shel — wish I could be a stowaway! I was so sorry to hear about Beppo and so hoping he would have come home by now.

  2. Lise Says:

    A couple years ago, our beloved cat Meesy also left home and never came back…during her absence we also left our river homestead to head to our cabin in the mountains (pretty much to stay)…and lo and behold, one time when I was back at our river place and taking a morning walk, there she was. Apprehensive about approaching me, but my pictures of her confirmed my suspicion, that it was in fact her. She didn’t come to me, nor return home, nor come for the cat food I left her. But she’s alive and obviously taking good care of herself. Here’s wishing that your Beppo is doing the same.

  3. Janan Says:

    I’ll be anticipating your postings with the greatest pleasure. I , too, mourn the loss of your dear Beppo, but I think a trip back to a land you obviously love with your heart and bones and sinew is just the ticket. Let the wild rumpus start!

  4. 52martinis Says:

    Glad to have you back over in this part of the world, even if briefly! I know it’s unlikely, but if you want to get up to Paris, we’d love to see you (and provide a landing pad).

  5. Abra Bennett Says:

    Ditto if you want to come down here, Forest!

  6. 52martinis Says:

    Thanks! I’ll keep it in mind for travel plans & would love to if I could swing it (Thanksgiving and Christmas travel might throw a wrench in the works…)

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