Blue Moon Rising


All day yesterday, the day of the blue moon, things were not exactly comme d’habitude, as they usually are. In the morning a young gull stood for half an hour on our beach, stock still, gazing toward where the moon would eventually make its appearance. He stayed there, Shel reports, until an adult gull came and fed him, right there on the shore, and then he flew off.


Later a cormorant came to perch on our roof. We’ve never seen one so far above the water, and wouldn’t have seen this guy if it hadn’t been for Beppo. While we were eating dinner I noticed that Beppo was sitting transfixed, staring at the roof, for at least ten minutes. Since he’s normally not much of a sitter-and-starer, we finally stirred ourselves and went to follow his gaze,


and found this guy evidently performing a solar panel inspection. He showed no sign whatsoever of objecting to our presence, and continued gazing calmly as the moon rose.




And then the ever-elusive otters came and showed me their whiskery little faces, something they only do once in a blue moon, or perhaps they too were watching the unexpected spectacle of a rooftop cormorant.


He was still on guard as we went to bed, although here he might have been announcing our big news: the blue moon made us decide to go back to France! Only for six weeks, but we’re already quivering in anticipation of seeing all our old friends and hanging out in our old haunts.

It’s a devil, that blue moon, and knows every trick in the book, like how to get us out from under our cozy, bird-topped roof and into the wide world where adventures await. Vive la lune bleue !

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3 Comments on “Blue Moon Rising”

  1. hellabasque Says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  2. Barbara Jacquin Says:

    Go for it!

  3. Nina L Says:

    So happy you’re are both happy where you are, AND going back to France for a while.
    I haven’t had the courage to go back to Paris since Adrian died, though I had a wonderful four days with friends in the South that summer. I did wish on that Blue Moon, though, so maybe next year.

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