Moving Is Exhausting


Beppo and Zazou have come home at last. Although at first they looked relieved each time they encountered some familiar piece of furniture, the stuff that smelled reassuringly like home to them, they were absolutely astonished by the sight of water, water everywhere, and the looks on their faces as they gazed out the windows were priceless.


The sounds of the small waves, the cries of the gulls, the various honkings and quackings of the seabirds, all were a foreign language to them. Beppo and Zazou have lived in France and America, in several different places, but they’ve never before seen water


or boats. The sight and sound of the first few ferries to pass sent Zazou off to sleep in the closet on a favorite sweater, and although Beppo was brave enough to come out on the deck with us for lunch, Zazou wanted nothing to do with it.


But now, after just 48 hours in their new home, they run in and out the cat door, lie in the sun, and roll on the sandy terrace. I don’t think they’ve been down to the beach yet, but we’re having a nice low tide soon, and perhaps they’ll follow me down and discover a taste for clams.

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One Comment on “Moving Is Exhausting”

  1. Smithy Says:

    They’re lucky to have each other, as well as you two, to help make the new place seem like a home. The top photo is Quintessential Cat. Bless you for posting it!

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