Out With The Old


Moving is horrid! That is, it will one day be wonderful, but that day isn’t today, nor will it be tomorrow. Tonight we collapsed amid the boxes, captured via cellphone because the camera is packed, after a dinner cobbled together from the local deli because the kitchen is all packed up. Shel had to carry a bottle of wine up to the neighbors to beg for a corkscrew, after we failed to be able open it at home. The dishwasher soap got packed by accident. We have to be three places at once tomorrow morning. My garden is in exquisite springtime bloom and seems impossible to leave, whereas my soon-to-be new garden is currently all heaps of dirt and rock, moved to make way for some actual parking spaces near the house. Beppo and Zazou are off at kitty camp to escape the horrors of seeing their home uprooted. We’ve stocked up on Feliway to help them adapt to their new home, but where’s the human version of a calming spray??? One thing we made sure not to pack: Advil. We were a lot younger the last time we moved, we ached less, we were more cheerful.

But in just a couple of days it will be over, and we’ll begin to settle into a new life. We’ll figure out which drawer is for the silverware, where to put the linens. Most maddening of all: a kitchen with no place to keep a broom and dustpan. I kid you not. Not a broom closet, not even a broom slot. But this too we shall survive – (hope to) see you on the flip side.

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10 Comments on “Out With The Old”

  1. Jessica Says:


  2. Wendy Milker Says:

    I am going to miss your (soon to be old) house but am excited for the new one! We are also packing up for our kitchen remodel so I feel a bit of your pain!

  3. Good luck with the move. Before we moved to France, some 10 years ago, we had moved house 15 times!

  4. barrytwyman Says:

    Keep Calm and Carry On …….. You’re very brave to even consider a move like this . Hope all goes well, and thanks for keeping us all up to date with your “movements”.

  5. katherine Says:

    bon courage
    et bonne installation

  6. Barbara Jacquin Says:

    Trying to type wuth right hand wrapped up; result of a fall and lost a tooth too! I’m moved temp into Diane’s house St Quentin before getting into Uzes apt in May. I did a partial move but it’s hard. We’ll be pleased when it’s all over.

  7. Smithy Says:

    I too hate moving, or even packing up a kitchen for remodeling; I’m such a packrat and (in the case of food) overbuyer that packing up is a traumatically forced re-evaluation of my habits and, by extension, character. And then there are the logistics of things packed when they were needed. I feel your pain!

    You’re very thoughtful to have put the cats someplace else during the packing-up. What good parents you are!

    Good luck, and I’ll hoist a glass to you both tonight.

  8. Randy Says:

    “Out with the Old” What are you doing with Shel?

  9. Abra Bennett Says:

    Elaine – we moved to the sunny side of the island. After all those years in the south of France we got addicted to the sun!

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