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Born On The 4th Of July

July 5, 2012

No, not really. Jessica was born on the 14th of July, which is also Bastille Day, but what’s ten days when it’s party time? And anyway, we’ll be in Newfoundland on her actual birthday, so we arranged a few special treats to celebrate the fact that she’s finally getting older. I made the Lime Mousse Cake you see floating dreamily above and it’s a sure-fire winner. The recipe is here, and I make it just as written.

And then, don’t ask me how we did it, we managed to have the most beautiful moonrise I have ever seen, really quite surreal.

It was a moon so huge, and so orange, that it looked photoshopped onto the sky, but no, here it is in its unadulterated glory, dwarfing the city of Seattle.  Breathtaking.

And then, a full 10 miles away but happily visible from our deck, the fireworks began to rival the moon’s beauty.

Lucky Jessica, to celebrate her arrival in this world on such a night. Lucky all the rest of us to have been there with her.