Signs Of The Times

Signage tends to be pretty universal, but still I’m fascinated by signs everywhere we go. Here are a few from in and around Reykjavik. (this is the only puffin we’ve seen so far, alas)

It’s not clear to me whether the people need to be adopted, or only the kittens.

This looks like grafitti, but was actually an official tour company sign.

Icelanders are very fashion-forward.

Some things never change, although hamborgarar just doesn’t sound as appetizing as hamburger, at least to me.

The little corner store we went into had a shocking amount of instantly recognizable American food.

I don’t feel too confident about Monday’s offering. Perhaps it’s good?

We managed to avoid eating here, although, I have to confess, it was tempting.

Humor can also be universal.

And my personal favorite, discovered by Shel just as he was about to, uh, violate its injunction. And with that, signing off, for now.

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3 Comments on “Signs Of The Times”

  1. Mark Stein Says:

    Thanks for sharing. I always get a big kick out of mis-translations. Your Monday menu photo reminds me of a German restaurant I visited once. The menu had everything listed in both languages, and one entree (I don’t remember what) was prepared with melted cheese on top. It was described as “xxxxx with cheese overbaked” I didn’t have the heart to tell them what overbaked really means! Having such a difficult language has its funny moments, doesn’t it?! Have a borgarar for me! Safe travels

  2. Carrie Says:

    I confess to total ignorance . . . they don’t really eat whale do they?

  3. Abra Bennett Says:

    Oh yes they do, and so did we. It’s minke whale, not endangered in that area, and maybe nowhere (not sure about that though).

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