Boston When It Sizzles

Oooh baby, it’s hot in Boston. Being wussy Pacific Northwesterners, we’ve been wilting. But as you can see, even proper Bostonians have developed coping mechanisms, including near-Godiva motorcycling strategies. I don’t think biking in flip flops is a good idea, personally, but our alternative might seem equally dubious to many: duck riding.

Yes indeed, what we did today was Ride The Duck, through lots of central Boston and down the Charles River. I have a hard time looking at what is manifestly a Dunkin’ Donuts today and hearing that John Hancock stabled his horse there in times past, or seeing a place that witnessed the signing of historic documents that have served as the foundation of our democracy and now operates as a hotel. Must be a lack of imagination on my part. But really it also reveals the truth of Boston, which is that it’s a mixture of the old and the new, scrunched up more or less comfortably side by side, and the fact that Ducks drive where once Paul Revere rode, well that’s just progress. Or that’s just what time hath wrought, or that’s just what urban renewal gets you, depending on your perspective.

Taking pictures with a little point and shoot camera from a moving Duck doesn’t exactly produce art photos, but here, just so you can get the flavor of our day, well inflected with delicious seafood and lovely architecture, is a Duck’s-eye view of Boston.

And while the real thing to do in Boston, the responsible adult thing to do, is to walk the Freedom Trail, the prospect of a couple of miles of scorching pavement just couldn’t catch our interest.

Instead, happily, Shel (and a couple of other little kids) got a chance to drive the Duck on the cool, green river. And that was our Boston.

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One Comment on “Boston When It Sizzles”

  1. Jeanne Says:

    Wish I’d known you were in town! Hope you enjoyed the trip!

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