Heads Or Tails?

Sometimes it’s so hard to know what to do. When completely flummoxed, I might have an extra glass of wine. Shel might play an extra game of Solitaire. Beppo likes to bury himself in a pile of clean laundry. Never dirty laundry, although heaven knows he has the opportunity to choose the well-used over the freshly-laundered. But no, the sweet, comforting softness of stuff right out of the dryer appeals to him, and I understand why. I’m blissed out myself when I get to put on fuzzy fleece clothes still dryer-warm, a hangover from my childhood days of popping into warm jammies at bedtime. Snuggle in, zone out, and whatever thorny problems you’re facing recede into the background.

In our case, we’ve been grappling for what seems like eons with the question of when and whether to go back to France. France or America? Somewhere else? We’ve buried our heads in the sands of daily life, thought of everything but this choice, obsessed over the French elections, planted the spring garden, until finally the answer came to us.

And although we were almost ready to just flip a coin, the plan ended up staring me in the face in the dark of a sleepless night, one of many that I passed trying to sort out our future whereabouts. And here it is. Yes, we will go back to France, how could we not? But no, we won’t do it right away.

First, in July and August, we’ll take a fantastical, frozen voyage up to Greenland, Iceland, and other exotic locales that I really never imagined we’d get to see. I’ll spend my birthday in Qaqortoq, Greenland, undoubtedly my most obscure and amazing birthday spot ever. You’ll come too, satellite Internet willing.

Then we’ll spend the rest of the year here on the island, have the holidays here, which we’ve seldom done these last five or six years. And then, back to our beloved France in the new year. Best of all worlds, I’d say. And as soon as Beppo gets out of that pile of laundry heaped on the futon, we’ll plop ourselves down in front of the only TV show we ever watch, a French current affairs debate program, and find out what the rest of the world has been up to whilst we had our heads tucked into our cozy little bubble. World, here we come.

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8 Comments on “Heads Or Tails?”

  1. Wendy Miller Says:

    Great news! We’ll look forward to having you at the holiday party again! 🙂

  2. Margo Says:

    Wherever you go, whenever you go, I’m happy to follow. You and Shel have the best adventures.

  3. allenlecb Says:

    A great year ahead. I have still to convince my wife that Brittany is an essential part of this year, but I’m working on it! As for your cat, just be thankful he lets you live in his house!

  4. Zach Says:

    I’m sorry, but I think you’re a marxist idiot, and the horrid anti-Semtism in France will unfortunately eventually come to be directed at you. I wish you had better judgment, maybe if you didn’t live your life in a little bubble without much news and awareness of what’s happening in the world you’d realize the mistake you’re making. Last trip to your blog. I wish you well, but I doubt that will happpen. What a place you’re choosing!!!

  5. allenlecb Says:

    What a silly note, and so unworthy of this site. Perhaps you might want to read up about marxism. You are way off the point here!

  6. Abra Bennett Says:

    Thanks, Allen. Hopefully Zach will keep his promise to avoid French Letters in the future, at least until he educates himself about what’s really going on in France. And yes, Brittany is essential, it’s one of the most interesting parts of France. I hope you get there soon!

  7. Barbara Says:

    Amen to you both! France remains one of the most civilized countries I know if. Nowhere is perfect. Enjoy your decisions and go with the flow.

  8. Silvia Says:

    WOW! How unappropiate and ignorant can this Zach person be?.
    Knowing you, whatever you decide, going to France or not, is going to result in a charming and compelling summer for you and Shel, and we’ll enjoy your posts describing the whole thing.

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