Upgrade Your Vision

This morning I shot this lovely little ode to a contorted filbert catkin. Last year we were in France at this time of year, and so I’d almost forgotten how appealing the catkins are, and how fleetingly they put in their appearance. A few quick clicks and there I had it, a reasonable reminder of some of the subtler beauties of spring.

Then this afternoon I got an automatic upgrade to my Picasa, which, for those who don’t use it, is a free Google product that does some photoshopping functions and files your photos. I’m normally wary of Picasa upgrades, as they’ve sometimes been buggy, but this one has a couple of neat new features. Here’s that same image, improved/modified with one mouse click per photo.

If that isn’t pretty cool I don’t know what is.  Oh yeah, being a better photographer in the first place, mastering the many tricks of the serious camera that I so under-utilize, that would be cool too.  But really, if you don’t use Picasa, it’s quite a fun little tool, and it’s a free download. It makes up for a certain number of photographic sins quite well and lets me see my photos in a whole new light.

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4 Comments on “Upgrade Your Vision”

  1. Lise Says:

    Before I saw your pictures I thought a filbert catkin was a bird, LOL! Very beautiful seed pod, enjoyed your Picasa editions too:)

  2. Abra Bennett Says:

    I love the idea of a bird named Filbert Catkin, or it would even be a good name for a band.

  3. Barbara J Says:

    I thought it was one of the felines. Picasa is great; I use it too.

  4. Margaret Hall Says:

    I get pictures of the great-grandchildren via Picasa. I wonder if Carrie and Chrissy know about the new refinements. I dertainly couldn’t explain them if they don’t already know !

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