Oh So Cute In Colmar

Colmar generally looks like a post card, at least the part of it where we’re staying, which is called La Petite Venise, Little Venice, because of its canals. We came for the first days of the annual Christmas markets, thinking we’d escape the madding crowds. Boy was that ever wrong.

Right outside our front door is the Children’s Market, a hotbed of strollers and googly-eyed kids wanting to go on the pony roller coaster ride. In addition to the hot wine, vin chaud, that’s on every street corner, this market also features hot apple juice for the little ones, and a fair selection of toys. It’s a madhouse. But once through our front door, and out the back one

we’re on a huge private deck overlooking the canal, home to a pair of swans that appreciate bretzels, the local form of pretzels. I know this personally, as I was feeding them a bretzel when Shel snapped this picture. The splendid deck will be featured again later, as our kind landlords had told us that boats full of children would be singing right under our window as soon as it got dark, which indeed they were, as you shall see and hear.

But first we went shopping, which is, after all, what one does at Christmas markets. Shel needed breakfast food

and I wanted something interesting to drink.

Shel got a spiffy new hat, in which I think he looks adorable.

I really wanted one of these stork hats, but the one size fits most didn’t actually fit me. But later I was glad I hadn’t bought anything for myself because I felt justified in buying

a ravishing new jacket, in which I feel particularly chic.

And then, as night began to fall, Shel (who’s frileux, always cold) watched out the window

while I went out onto the aforementioned fabulous deck, and we were treated to a lovely musical moment

as boatloads of little boys drifted down the canal,

lined up in front of our apartment, and sang, ever so sweetly.

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12 Comments on “Oh So Cute In Colmar”

  1. Paula Says:

    I looove Colmar, but have never been to their Christmas Markt. Enjoy! And, please post many, many photos. Have you been out to the potteries?

  2. Abra Bennett Says:

    Paula – No, we don’t have a car here, so we’ve only been going where our feet will take us. And it’s all cobblestones – ouch!

  3. Margaret Hall Says:

    In 1987 John and I drove down the Route de Vin and stayed a day or so in Colmar.—no Christmas market or little boys singing under our window, but we did get to the Unterlinden Museum to see the famous Issenheim Alterpiece. If it’s not in walking distance, take a cab! Try to stay warm, Shel. XXX

  4. You Both look so nice and relaxed , good to see ! See you when you get “Home” xx

  5. Tamara Says:

    Both of you are looking quite fetching in your new duds. Happy to see your faces. And happy to enjoy the holidays vicariously via French Letters.

  6. Jim Says:

    The Bartholdi museum, studio is a great visit as well.

  7. Abra Bennett Says:

    Well. We were on our way to visit both museums when we got caught up in being on a TV show about Colmar that was being filmed in front of d’Unterlinden. We were just audience, but it was great fun.

  8. Zuleme Says:

    I love the way you both seem to be able to just relax and enjoy being somewhere and exploring. It’s the fine art of ambling and experiencing new things. My bigger half always wants to be doing something so our trips involve an activity like bicycling and it’s a stressful experience getting to where we’re going. On our last trip to France (which involved a lot of bicycling) he woke up one morning and, sounding very surprised, said “I’m having a really good time!”
    But in general I’d say we don’t travel all that well together. Though we both love France so will probably be there again in the future with our friend who organizes the trips.

  9. Edye Schneider Says:

    I just LOVE viewing this blog… Always fascinating, beautiful, entertaining and filled with Joy and Love…. wishing all those who view, write, and read this posts, filled with all I mentioned…

    Thank you so much Abra and Shel for sharing your days with me / us.

    My very best

  10. Abra Bennett Says:

    I’m so happy that this blog speaks to you. That’s my idea, and if you get it, I’m grateful.

  11. Gigi Petery Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the wonders of the holidays, Colmar style. It seems so lovely! I can get an inkling of the attraction to you. And I LOVE your new coat! Fabulous!!!

    Merry Christmas!

  12. Judy Russell Says:

    Shel _is_ adorable in that hat, and I’m so pleased to see you both looking so well.

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