Cruising the Western Mediterranean

A week in the sunny Med, hot days ashore, lovely evenings aboard the MS Ryndam, somehow I never found the time to post here. Not to mention the execrably slow Internet connection one finds on board, and the exorbitant prices one pays to stay connected to what’s ostensibly reality, that oh so far away life on land. However, I learned a very cool thing in an onboard workshop: how to make a little “movie” from still photographs. And so, here it is, your private tour through Malaga, Cadiz, Casablanca, Azemmour, El Jadida, Ibiza, and Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia. I hope you enjoy it – let me know if I should do more of these for you or if I should keep my day job, just writing, clicking, and posting, without the special effects.

p.s. We had a lovely time, and Shel is seriously considering becoming a full-time cruiser. It must be those towel animals!

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14 Comments on “Cruising the Western Mediterranean”

  1. Nice! I loved seeing the people, the architecture, and the people but I’d love to see YOUR smiling mug too! đŸ™‚ Enjoy France.

  2. Heike Levesque Says:

    The photo movie was amazing. Lovely pictures, excellent music. Just lovely.

  3. barbara Says:

    Can you share your secret for making the video?

  4. Emily Says:

    Loved the photo movie – how clever of you, and with music to enhance the mood, no less. It also brought back fond memories to me of Malaga many years ago.

  5. Kathy Says:

    Great movie. Loved it. Can’t wait to hear all the details.

  6. Abra Bennett Says:

    Barbara – You need Windows 7, which comes with Windows Live MovieMaker, to do it. After that, it’s really fun and not too hard. I used a lot of shortcuts on this one, but I’m hoping to develop better technique as I use it more.

    Sharon – you don’t see me because I’m always on the right side of the camera!

  7. Greg Peterson Says:

    Great video. Great music pick too, one of my desert island albums.

  8. Jackie Richmond Says:

    Wow! Fabulous. Abra, you are indeed a woman of many talents. Not a complaint, but I would have loved to have seen more captions since chances are that I won’t be visiting any of these places.

  9. Amber Says:

    The movie was beautiful! It’s nice to feel so immersed in the experience between the music and the pictures.

    I wonder how they keep all those white houses in Ibiza clean with all the red dirt around.

  10. Abra Bennett Says:

    We heard that they whitewash them every year.

  11. I really enjoyed the video tour. Thanks! Nice job and excellent photography. My best to you and Shel.

    -Rob Barnes

  12. Abra Bennett Says:

    It was just the little point and shoot Canon, we didn’t bring the Nikon with us on this trip – but thanks!

  13. Lynette Says:

    Loved the “photo movie”. How do you do it??

  14. Abra Bennett Says:

    Lynette – I did it with Windows Live Movie Maker -it’s pretty easy!

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