The Golden Apple

Only one more week and we’ll be leaving France again. This time it seems that our bite of the apple has been way too small, so sweet, so quickly swallowed. We’re already planning and scheming: how quickly can we get back here, how long can we stay, what’s the best way to get Beppo and Zazou here because we can’t stand to be without them again, what to leave here and where to leave it, all the minutiae that overtakes us every time we bridge the wide gap between our French life and our American one.

We’re starting to realize that this is serious.  The minute we get here we never want to leave. The minute we return to the US we start thinking about how to get back to France. Neither one of us would say that France is perfect, or that we understand everything about the country, the language, or the culture, far from it, in fact. But undeniably we flourish here, it’s where we’re the happiest, where we have the most fun, where the golden apple is within reach.

What started out as a lark has turned into a life.

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10 Comments on “The Golden Apple”

  1. Heidi Husnak Says:

    Good to hear you are listening to your hearts. Hope you can make it work out.

  2. Della Says:

    I’m sorry you have to leave but know you’ll make it back.

  3. Mikki Says:

    I’m so sad you have to leave because you love it so much. Hoping you will gain that golden apple once again.

  4. Wolfgang Says:

    Every end causes a new beginning.
    Look forward to a splendid autumn in France!
    Still savouring the green tomato jam from Uzès
    Bonne route mes amies

  5. Zuleme Says:

    I was just on Skype with my girlfriend in France. Wished I was there to walk to the beach with her in Brittany.
    There was a story on NY Times about being careful traveling with pets. I doubt I will ever live in France but I would not be able to do it without my felines. I picture myself spending tons to fly first class with the two of them. I could not manage to have them in baggage. But I will most likely never have to manage it.
    Love your photos and stories, they remind me of the things I loved there.

  6. Margaret Pilgrim Says:

    I understand. Oh, do I understand.

  7. Not a Speck of Cereal Says:

    You go!! No, you go here, then you go back. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Seriously, you are resolute, and that’s good.

  8. Stephanie Says:

    You made me tear up Abra. If I send this to Charles I be he will too. I hope you can figure out how to live your dream all the time.

  9. Lori Says:

    Hi Abra – Just finished up a semester and spent the last days catching up on many things, including my favorite blogs. I guess my semester flew because I feel like the two of you just got there.

    I wish you both a speedy return to the place that you love! In the meantime, cherish the memories! best wishes and blessings to you both!

  10. Carrie Says:

    I’m with Lori . . . have three months already passed?!?!?!?!?!?! It seems like you guys just got there (and I’m sure it seems that way to you too!).

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