The Silly Side Of Belgium

We’ve been seeing lots of cathedrals, and sure, you’ll be seeing them too, maybe in the next post. But there’s been a silly side to this trip, and the above chocolate creations really typify it all. I’m not saying that I bought those chocolate breasts, and I’m not saying that Shel bought them, but I’m not saying that Eric didn’t buy them either.  Know what I mean?

Did you know that Bruges has a french fry museum? Frites are a major food group here, every dish comes with them, so it only stands to reason that there would be a potato museum, and that we’d flock to it like the fry-gobbling lemmings we are.

A potato mobile composed of dozens of colorful varieties,

a mobile frites stand where we all got to take a turn behind the counter,

or an ad for something that’s indispensable for every household: a machine that makes 5 kilos of frites per minute, I don’t know which is sillier, but they’re all pretty adorable in my book. You might have heard that Belgians are surly, and yes, we have met a few that are, and I was even nearly prepared to personally ensure the demise of one, but silliness must surely be in the national character as well.

Witness this silly fashion statement (unless it was actually one of the surly ones, ready to enforce his disdain for the rest of us),

or witness the three pounds of pork and cheese we were given as a “snack” before dinner. It was so silly that we couldn’t resist eating most of it all up, so maybe we’re already becoming Belgian after just a few days.

But lest we forget who we are and where we come from, we tripped over this car with Washington plates, from the Seattle area even, right in the center of Bruges. With all the cool Euro cars available here, how silly is that?

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8 Comments on “The Silly Side Of Belgium”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Did you ever find out the story about the car with the Washington plates? That’s crazy!

  2. Betty C. Says:

    I’m glad I took a look at this post! I love Belgium and have been to Brussels twice just this year, and my daughter is there now. I didn’t notice quite so much silliness there (or in Bruges when I went some years ago) but I just love this collection of photos!

  3. Abra Bennett Says:

    We did think about yelling “hey, you guys from Kirkland, come out, come out wherever you are!” but we lacked the nerve!

  4. Zuleme Says:

    oh you should have yelled for the Washington folks, they would have loved it I’m sure.
    And where are the manly chocolates?
    My husband lived in Brussels for a while and loved it. On Avenue Louise.

  5. svetlana.raisins Says:

    tee-hee.. thank thee!

  6. Nico Says:

    Do not forget Magritte

  7. Nico Says:

    Oh, and did you know that the stock exchange was “born” in Bruges: in the house called “De Beurze”? Silliness…

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