Annecy Walkabout

Annecy is so photogenic that I found myself walking around all the time, camera in hand, just like the tourist I was. Taking this picture I stood on a bridge, lined up in the midst of about a dozen Japanese tourists, acting just like Japanese tourists do everywhere, shutterbugs that they famously are. Except this time I couldn’t laugh at them, because I was them.  Taller, blonder, but otherwise just the same.

Whenever I’m in a new place I love to go shopping, even if it’s only window shopping, and I’ll bet you do too. But this adorable guy, in his long scarf, pot of flowers in hand, baby carriage and baby waiting patiently, couldn’t be had for any price, except for free.  Click, and he’s mine!

Now where could you wear these? Only 119 Euros, that’s not too bad, and certainly less than the resulting chiropractor’s bill.

On the other foot we have these baby shoes.  I wish the scale were clear, you’ll just have to believe me when I tell you that these were shoes so small that they were for babies not yet walking, or possibly just taking their first tentative steps. And do you see the prices? 75 Euros  at today’s exchange rate is $107.44. For baby shoes. Not forgetting the tiny sign at the bottom, which says that prices vary according to the size. Which means they could cost even more.

However, this guy with Simply Irresistible stamped on his briefs was priceless.

And as the name of this leather goods store asks, Why Not?

Shel was very taken with this espresso machine, so much more interesting than the one in our French home, so much less so than our American one.

Because we really do feel that we have two homes now, although without Beppo and Zazou here it doesn’t feel quite right. I did a count yesterday and discovered that during the past three and a half years, we’ve spent two thirds of our time in France. No wonder it’s more like home than home itself.

There’s nothing like this where we come from, but then, there’s only one Annecy. We enjoyed the heck out of it, and we’ve already talked about going back, even though the fridge is still half full of that good mountain cheese.

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8 Comments on “Annecy Walkabout”

  1. Zuleme Says:

    I liked the look of the skirts in the shop next door. There does seem to be a lot of cheap imported clothing in France, much like what we get in the US. I really enjoy looking at your photos as we have a gloomy morning with hail here.

  2. Sue Geisler Says:

    France should be awarding you their highest honor for your advancement of tourism efforts. I for one, would love to walk where you have walked, geographically,this past couple of years. The lemons, and I know there are many, have produced wonderful lemonade.

  3. Love the 119 euro shoes! If only I could walk in them…

  4. Emily Says:

    How enticing! I MUST get to Annacy.

  5. Julie H. Says:

    Lovely! And who says we can only have one home. You are proving that home is where your heart is, and it’s in two places.

  6. margaret Hall Says:

    Abra, please write phonetically the pronunciation of Savoie, or do the best you can…….

    I’m happy you all are having such a great time and feeling good. Bravo. XXX mth

  7. Abra Bennett Says:

    It’s Sah-vwah. Thus Haute Savoie is pronounced Oat Sah-vwah.

  8. Wendy Says:

    those shoes have my name all over them!!

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