Eating Well In The Haute Savoie

It’s not all about the cheese, amazingly enough: whole meals can be had that do not involve even a molecule of the stuff. Here at the Auberge de Letraz in Sevriers we had a gorgeous meal in an idyllic setting, and just by accident. I’d committed the cardinal sin of not making a reservation for Sunday lunch, but two rejections and our third try led us here, and wow, were we ever glad.

It’s the kind of place where the waiters dress in suit and tie, but the service was kind and ultra-pro. An amuse bouche of mousse de foie de volaille got us in the mood for

my starter of foie gras soup with a cabbage leaf stuffed with sweetbreads

and Shel’s crayfish terrine with a vivid saffron aioli. We both chose a fish from the lake, fèra, as a main course, which was succulent, came with several delicious accompaniments, and was sadly unphotogenic.

And then Shel had molten chocolate cake with spice ice cream

followed by an assortment of pretty little treats. I did actually have some cheese, since I don’t eat dessert, but since it looked and tasted just like cheese, I don’t have anything special to show for it.

But really, the Savoie is a very gastronomic area and you can eat well even if you just shop and cook for yourself.

Shel had several delightful pastries from the shop next door to our apartment,

and I made a lovely market meal of twisty salami, tomato tartare, herb roasted ham, an orange duck paté, and a salad of bitter chicory and l’ail des ours.

We were there for five days and had four restaurant meals, every one of which was very good.  Coming home we really notice how hard it is to eat out well here, in comparison.

However, I still have more to show you about the Haute Savoie, so even though we’re back in Uzès, French Letters will be travelling for a few more mountain days, hurray.

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3 Comments on “Eating Well In The Haute Savoie”

  1. jessica Says:

    Hurray is right!

  2. Debra Lane Says:

    It all looks amazing! Hope you are enjoying yourselves immensely!

  3. Dick Glenn Says:

    the restaurant photos have me drooling…and longing for another vacation…

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