Back In The Land

Marie met us at the gate, bearing keys, and essentials like coffee, sugar, and jam for the morning. There was really no way to hug her enough, without it getting ridiculous. Katherine and Bert sent flowers from Holland, saying “Welcome Home.” Dorindo and Thierry delivered them, with countless hugs and kisses.

Our next door neighbor Jean-Claude walked us through his new house, almost finished now. Madame Amblard, on the other side, had tears in her eyes when she saw that we were back. We walked into town and did some shopping, glad that nothing at all seems to have changed during the year we were away.

Maryse came to dinner and brought a special bottle of wine, her childhood favorite.

She and Shel had tarte aux pommes for dessert,

now that we’re back in the land where the baker is proud enough to sign his name to his work. We talked until midnight, when not another word of our terribly unaccustomed French could be coaxed from our tongues. All that was just during our first 30 hours here.

We fell into bed, not knowing what time zone to call home, but deeply weary and grateful for our cozy bed. We woke up early this morning, and lo and behold, the dream was still coming true.

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13 Comments on “Back In The Land”

  1. Welcome back! French class is stopped until March 16 and Claudine and Richard may be in Nice right now. Hope to see you really soon.

  2. Wolfgang Says:

    Good to read french letters from home again !

  3. Winona Says:

    When I first read that you two were going back, it took my breath away a bit. When you write while in France, or about your France, you write with a smile…..I longed to read that again.
    Reading this entry made my eyes well up. I know how you feel when you finally get back home and have loved ones there with open arms. There is truly nothing like it. I feel exactly as you do every time I get to return to my French roots!

  4. Tamiam Says:

    What a lovely welcome.

  5. Lori Says:

    This is just wonderful. Someone said it perfectly above – you write with a smile. You and Shel will do what you always do – bring the celebration wherever you go. Enjoy each moment.

  6. Shelli Says:

    You left France just when we began our adventure of living there and I was sad to see you go. Glad you’re back and more to the point, that you’re able to be back.

  7. Bon retour à tous les deux. Comme quoi, ile ne faut jamais désespérer 🙂

  8. Betty C. Says:

    How WONDERFUL! I really didn’t imagine your coming back either. Maybe we will meet up yet…???

  9. racheld Says:

    Dear, dear Abra,

    How I’ve thought of you, and hoped that you were well and warm and happy, fulfilled and enjoying.

    And I see—’tis true. I can’t wait to come back and delve into these delicious archives—almost as delicious as all your fabulous cooking and photography.


  10. Meredith Says:

    So happy for you (and your readers) that your adventures continue!

  11. svetlana.raisins Says:

    congratulations…very inspiring story.

  12. Welcome home!
    Isn’t it strange, re-entering your ‘other’ life? It’s like slipping on an old pair of sandals. Your toes go right back into the grooves, but it still feels a little strange.
    enjoy every moment!

  13. Krys Says:

    I’m so jealous that you’ve gotten to go back! I know you’ll enjoy every moment!

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