And We’re Off

Tomorrow we’re going back to France, a thing I won’t truly fathom until we land in Paris. We dreamed the impossible dream, and now it’s coming true, against all the odds. Génial ! Wonderful! Fantastique !

We’re limiting ourselves to one suitcase each, which turns out to be easier than I’d thought it would be.  We each get 50 pounds, but amazingly both of our bags are a bit underweight.  I suddenly realized “hey, I wear the same pair of jeans almost every single day here at home, why do I need more than that in France?”  Well, actually I do need more, but not that much more. We already know that where we’re going is very casual, and usually warm.  We won’t be dressing up, and we have a washer and dryer.  And, drum roll, there are stores in France!  If we need something we can buy it.  I don’t have to take shampoo and toothpaste and band aids and all the paraphernalia that filled our five gigantic suitcases the first time we moved to France, because now I know exactly where to find everything, how to live on the local economy. It’s a great feeling, liberating.

Today as I was out doing errands I was thinking about how to explain something in French, something technical to do with a bottle of wine I’m taking over, and when a woman held a door open for me I automatically said “Merci, Madame.” I think I’m ready to be there, well-worn jeans, rusty French and all. When next we chat, I’ll be here:

My computer sits right inside that lower window, the one opening onto the balcony. See you there.

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9 Comments on “And We’re Off”

  1. Ujwala Samant Says:

    Fabulous! I’m well chuffed for Shel and you. Have a lovely time Abra!

  2. Margaret Says:

    Bon Voyage to you & Shel!

  3. Sue Says:

    Bon Voyage – have a great safe trip – your kitties will be fine, I’m sure. As i recall, the wandering one is a toughie….

  4. Linda Says:

    Bon voyage and safe travels. Enjoy your wonderful time in France.

  5. agnes cottave Says:

    la maison semble vous attendre…..attention il fait assez frais ces jours-ci !!! (a Montpellier en tous cas).Rusty french ? I doubt it…..
    Meilleurs voeux pour la ré-installation.

  6. Bon Voyage! Happy Landings! If you feel like jaunting over to Italia, you are always welcome.

  7. Stephanie Says:

    Charles and I are with you and Shel in spirit. Have a safe trip and give Uzes a big hug from us.

  8. Jeanne Says:

    Safe travels! Am so happy you are returning to la belle France for a while; looking forward to your adventures!

  9. ogaines Says:

    Jaloux, jaloux, jaloux!! But looking forward to blog updates from Shel & Abra!

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