Counting The Minutes

In just a few days we’ll see the venerable Pont du Gard, our dear friends, the town where we lived so happily for so long, our dear rented house where we spent some of the happiest days of our lives. In less than a week we’ll be repatriated to that life, just one year to the day after we left it. When we walked out that door we didn’t believe we’d ever be back, Shel’s health seemed so precarious that we couldn’t imagine a time when he would be able to return. And now here we are, almost ready to go.

I say “almost ready” in the loosest possible sense of the phrase, since we’re not packed at all.  In fact, we’re not going to pack until tomorrow, when Beppo and Zazou are spirited away to the luxury kitty hotel where they’ll be spending the next three months. Packing upsets them, and we already feel guilty enough about leaving them.  I know they’d rather be in France with us, especially Zazou, who might long for her native land. But it’s such a long and arduous journey for a cat, and to make them do that twice in three months seems cruel and unusual. So they’ll stay where they can be pampered, and we’ll go to where we can pamper ourselves, albeit catless.

We’re exercising a strict packing discipline too, just in case we have to get home in a hurry.  One suitcase each, that’s it. We’re allowed 50 lbs in that suitcase, and I’m assuming that the weather is going to be warm every day we’re there, because only summer clothes could possibly fit into that tiny weight limit. One sweater, that’s it for me, cross my fingers and hope for sun.

And speaking of crossing, I keep making lists, crossing things off, adding new things to do faster than I can cross out the old ones.  But I know that by Wednesday night when we give our suitcases that final zip, all will be well.  Moving from one country to another is predictable chaos, at first you think it can’t be managed, then you run around in circles for a little while trying not to shriek, then you’re sitting in an Air France plane sipping free Champagne.  Four more days.

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9 Comments on “Counting The Minutes”

  1. Sharon Worster Says:

    Hi Abra & Shel: I’m so glad you are returning to France. It was lovely to read about your anticipated trip. #50 of clothing will be fine! Can’t wait to hear of more adventures. Your friend in the kitchen, ~Sharon

  2. Abra Bennett Says:

    Well, there have to be some toiletries, and of course a few knives, and some hi-tech wizardry, that cuts down on the clothing allowance some. But we’ll make it.

  3. Rona Y Says:

    Have a safe trip, and I hope every moment is as enjoyable as you hope!

  4. agnes cottave Says:

    Chère Abra, je lis vos aventures (et je savoure) depuis mon petit village, près de Montpellier, et je dois vous dire un grand merci : après trois années d’expatriation aux USA, j’ai eu le plus grand mal a m’adapter à cette région du Languedoc. Votre émerveillement de la France m’a donné du recul pour redécouvrir ici toutes mes merveilles à moi. J’espère que le bonheur vous attend a Uzès, et que le meilleur est à venir. Chaleureusement

  5. Barry Says:

    Bon voyage les deux , vous nous manque , mais pas longtemps.

  6. Wolfgang Says:

    Bonne route !
    Glad you are coming!

  7. Price naryka Says:

    Dear Abra and Shel. I am so excited for the two of you getting to return to your beloved piece of paradise. Have wonderful adventures and please let your statside friends keep up with you—French Letters!


  8. Abra Bennett Says:

    Agnes – bienvenue à French Letters. Je suis bien contente que mon appréciation de la France soit contagieuse !

  9. Janet Says:

    Dear Abra and Shel, I so glad your health is so much better that you are able to go back to your little bit of paradise. A couple of years ago, my husband spent some time in Arles and also fell in love with the area. One day we’ll be able to go back.
    Packing light was one of the smart things we did when we went over. Remember if you need any thing you can always buy there. A good reason to go shopping.

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