Sudden Snow

‘Tis the season, and a more on-the-ball person would have turned off this fountain before it froze, but I’m glad I didn’t, since my slackness provided us with this perfect image of wintry beauty. Today every state in the country has some snow, with the single exception of Florida, so unless you live down there yourself, snow is probably old hat to you by now.  But I continue to love it like a kid, especially when I don’t have to drive in it. And since I’ve been sentenced to three more weeks with my arm in a sling and won’t be driving any time soon, I’m free to thrill as each flake falls.

And fall they did, a profusion of those huge floaty flakes that you can catch on the tip of your tongue,

which, should you be planning to eat outdoors, is probably all you’re going to get, the dining table being out of commission for anything but ice cream.

The rain chain became a snow chain, however briefly, because before we’d had time to make even the most miniature of snowmen

the sound of water running, rain falling, and snow melting washed through the house. This lovely snow sculpture lasted only a few minutes and was gone, as well as the rest of the snow on the railing, comme si de rien n’était, as if nothing at all had happened.

But of course something had happened: I got to feel like a child again for a few hours, scuffing my way through the snow on my way to adulthood.

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3 Comments on “Sudden Snow”

  1. Julie H. Says:

    Your photos are so beautiful! Since we don’t get snow in the Los Angeles area except in the mountains, it’s a pleasure to be able to experience it second hand through people’s photos.

    I forgot to let you know the book arrived just fine and my boyfriend loves it. I have to get him to take some photos of what he cooks up from the recipes. Thank you very much!

  2. Linda Says:

    Love your photos – beauty in the midst of our snowy, cold wintry weather.

  3. barry Says:

    Lovely photos = Happy memories …Thank you x

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