Half In The World

Now that I’ve gotten about half of the post-operative narcotics out of my life, I can do about half of the things I want to do, given that I only have one half of my normal complement of hands to work with.  I can eat a ripe cheese straight from a dull knife, but I can’t spread it on anything nor use a sharper implement. I can go to the store but I can’t hand-write a grocery list nor drive there, I can’t hold a plastic produce bag and put shallots in it, it’s one or the other, and as a further indignity my cart-pushing skills are questionable.

I can put on my pants and shoes, but not my shirts and socks. That might be more of a visual than you really needed, but I’ll tell you that such modesty as I might ever have had has really gone out the window since I have to ask for help with these hitherto intimate tasks.  For heaven’s sake, I can’t even put on my own darn sling, now my frustratingly constant companion and source of many undesired sympathetic glances from utter strangers.

I can plan a menu, set and clear the table, but I can’t cook, except to stir the pot.  That actually has  a good side, as Shel is re-discovering that he enjoys cooking. I can feed Beppo and Zazou their cat crunchies by opening the bag with my teeth, but I can’t pop the top on their canned food. Since they are accustomed to grabbing their food directly with their teeth, they don’t look at me askance when I put the bag of Royal Canin in my mouth, but personally, I feel reduced to a weirdly primal level each time I do it. Kvetch, kvetch, kvetch.

So, enough about me.  Here’s something interesting about you.  This current cookbook giveaway drew more names in the hat than any other book I’ve ever posted, which strikes me as unusual, given that a lot of French Letters readers are here for the food. It is a very nice book, though, with a foodie spin on weight loss, so if you weren’t the lucky winner, you might want to seek out the book elsewhere. And without further ado:

News From The Mixing Bowl – We Have a Winner! The winner of the absolutely fair and random name-drawing for Great Cooking Every Day is Julie H..  I’ll be contacting you for shipping information, and my thanks to the rest of you for entering.

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3 Comments on “Half In The World”

  1. heidih Says:

    I don’t know that my relationship with my ex would have progressed to marriage if I had not broken my collar bone and he became the helper with all the trivial seeming but vital tasks. Shel looks great in the kitchen. I recommend making sure you switch sides of the mouth when using your teeth for these tasks. I messed up a crown because Ialways used my right side to open the plastic water bottles….. Sounds like you are really progressing.

  2. Janet Says:

    Congratulations to Julie H.

    I’m glad to see you are on the mend, but it will just take time.

  3. Sue Says:

    well, we’re sort of twins. I fell last week and broke my shoulder. All that you describe is happening at my house too. It’s a bummer! I have a friend that pushed the cart at Trader Joe’s today and is helping me open dog food etc/ What an aargh!

    best wishes for getting better fast and happy holidays from San Francisco and Healdsburg

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