Hill Country Oaxaca

We docked in Huatulco, a town that’s been emptied of its natural inhabitants to make way for a cruise terminal.  The people who lived there were relocated by the government to a hill town called Santa Maria Huatulco, so that’s where we headed.

When we arrived a kids’ bike race was just about to start.
and the streets were lined with spectators
market vendors
and grocery shoppers.
It’s a prosperous-looking town with tidy houses,
inviting shops,
and a lovely City Hall
with a shady courtyard
and a muraled staircase.
The pretty church also displayed a nice sense of humor
with donkeys indoors
and with this sign that reads approximately “My sons and daughters, to talk with me you don’t need a cellphone.  Please turn it off.  Signed, God.”
Actually, this might have been more serious than it would appear, since everywhere we saw kids texting and talking on their phones, just like kids everywhere.
But all is not modern in Santa Maria Huatulco
as these ladies washing clothes in the Huatulco River demonstrate.
Driving much higher into the hills, we came to a tiny town called Pluma Hidalgo.  The recent torrential rains in the region had washed out substantial chunks of the road, leaving it only wide enough for one car in some places.
The difference in prosperity was immediately evident, as these typical houses show.
Pluma Hidalgo has no large stores, only street vendors, but we were there to buy only one thing: coffee.
Here, in this tiny shop
was roasted and served
the very best coffee I have ever tasted, a coffee so sweet that it was hard to believe that it contained no sugar.  Although our suitcases were already filled to capacity, we managed to find room for a kilo of their extraordinary beans, inched our way carefully back down the steep and sagging roads, and headed for Costa Rica.
By the way, please excuse any and all eccentricities in font and spacing.  I’m posting from the ship, and every time the seas get rough at all our relationship with the satelltet gets complicated, and blogging weirdness ensues.
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2 Comments on “Hill Country Oaxaca”

  1. Wolfgang Says:

    You do not happen to have space for an extra kilogramm of coffe.
    Do they sell via internet? 😉

  2. Jordan Says:

    You guys have no idea how jealous I am after reading this post. *sigh* I would love to go to Costa Rica one of these days.

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