Ship Ahoy

After a couple of windy, seasick days, we pulled quietly into San Diego, where it was a mind-boggling 100°.  Actually, that was two days ago and its hotter today here in Cabo San Lucas, and San Diego is already a bit of old news.  However, to our utter frustration, I haven’t been able to get to the Internet from on board ship.  Shel, yes, me, no.  I’ll spare you the details of this major annoyance, suffice it to say that I’m typing in a little mercado in Cabo on a Spanish keyboard where it’s 38° out, also about 100, with Mexican rap music blaring in my ear, and I’m all damp and sticky.  Bienvenidos a Mexico!

But back to San Diego.  We had half a day to spend, and we chose to spend it aboard the USS  Midway, looking at the WW II vintage aircraft carrier and its planes and helicopters.

Coming aboard, you’re reminded that there was a time of pure patriotism in America, without any shadows or doubts. 

Up on the flight deck, a gazillion tons of steel baking in the sun, jet blasts were the least of our worries,

although I can just imagine how it felt to see this guy flying toward you.

Although the Huey was clearly a formidable death machine in its time, the ammunition arrangement is so eccentric-looking that it seemed more curious than terrifying.

What did really scare me was the way all of the planes were plastered with Rescue Here stickers.  Imagining being trapped inside and relying on those arrows gave me the shivers even on such a desperately hot day.

This helicopter with its then-revolutionary hover-mastering downswept rotors is from the group that pulled the Apollo capsule out of the ocean.

This is the closest to having a halo that Shel will ever get, but you can sure see how hot and wilted he was.  And believe me, if you could see him right this minute, he looks a whole lot hotter!

Here’s another view of the gigantic Midway, dwarfed by a towering replica of the famous kiss,

right next to a pretty park with a statuary tribute to the role Bob Hope played in encouraging the troops.

That’s our ship there, docked right next to the Midway, as huge as half a skyscraper.  Time to get back into her air-conditioned comfort.

Our sailaway party was brightened by two dancing Jamaican bartenders

and we were escorted past the Coronado bridge and out to the open ocean by the Coast Guard, who stayed between us and any other vessel on the water.

Back on our balcony we collapsed into a beautiful sunset

and felt that we were in the right moment, in a place where we had absolutely nothing to do but enjoy ourselves.  The night before we’d seen the spouts and dim traces of whales, swimming quietly off our bow,

but tonight it was a flock of pelicans that escorted us across the border into Mexico.  Next stop, Cabo San Lucas.

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6 Comments on “Ship Ahoy”

  1. geri Says:

    YOur balcony & accompanying sunset look perfect!
    I’m interested to know why you brought along
    already-made ‘magic tea’ instead of bringing the ‘dry mix’ and making the tea on the boat?

  2. Abra Bennett Says:

    Your friends should go to Viet Wah to find her. The tea is a huge sack of herbs that has to be boiled for one hour each day, impossible to do on a ship.

  3. shel hall Says:

    The dry tea is pretty voluminous; three shopping bags full for the time we’ll be gone. We have no kitchen or any way to boil it each day, so making it ahead of time and freezing it was about the only way to have it aboard.

  4. Sylvie Says:

    bonjour,quel plaisir de voir ta photo,continue de te faire plaisir fais les choses qui t’apportent du bonheur et des choses positives,je te souhaite une accalmie dans ta tourmente que les êtres invisibles qui nous entourent t’aide a vivre pleinement et allège tes soucis;je vous embrasse très fort tous les deux peu être a bientôt a montpellier ou a uzes .Pour ma part je me fais operer de mon cancer le 11 octobre a bientôt et accroches toi,il faut positiver.

  5. Jordan Says:

    Except for the seasickness it sounds like you guys are having a wonderful cruise and I am glad to hear it!

  6. Wendy Says:

    your bartenders were wearing Oktoberfest hats!

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