Status Report

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7 Comments on “Status Report”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    I’m sending thoughts of healing, light,peace and joy your way.

  2. Jeanne Says:

    Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers that you will be in bloom for a very long time.

  3. Lori Says:

    Wishing you both much light, peace, laughter, and many, many more shared meals prepared with love

  4. Margaret Pilgrim Says:

    It appears that you are approaching each day as a miracle. We should all learn this simple but unavoidable truth. Thank you for being our model. May you and we enjoy miracle after miracle after miracle…

  5. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Each day should be treasured as I have see you done via the beautiful blog posts you write.

  6. Phyllis Taylor Says:

    Abra, your beautiful photos say it all: awareness, appreciation, grace, authenticity, resolve, acceptance. Thank you.

  7. Nancy Says:

    You bloom beautifully, wherever you’ve planted yourselves, and provide models of grace and good living for the rest of us. My thoughts, prayers and healing wishes are with you both.

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