Noodling With My New Nikon

Those of you who are fans of French Letters photos will be glad to know that I finally bit the bullet and graduated to a grown-up camera.  Wow, there’s a lot to learn!  This baby has more menus than a Michelin 4 star restaurant, more buttons than my Grandma’s old button basket.

But my new photo friend, a Nikon D-90, is so well-behaved that even a rank beginner can produce respectable pictures, even if she gnashes her teeth at all the SLR lingo while she’s doing it.

I think I’m going to love it, as soon as I get over hating it.  Actually, it’s my own incompetence that drives me crazy.  Even though I’ve got the Nikon D-90 For Dummies book I have a sneaking suspicion that the author was writing for a smarter class of dummy than I.  I know she’s using English, but half the time I still have to get Shel to translate for me, and we both have to send email to our friend Rob asking for tech support.

But I’m starting to have a few glimmers of hope, as more and more shots are turning out decently, and at least I’ve mastered how to hold the darn thing, which is no small accomplishment in itself.  It’s a quantum leap from my old camera, but then, French Letters has made a quantum leap from the Old to the New World, so it seems only fitting.

So here’s a toast to French Letters’ new look, and now, let’s hope that it continues to improve.  I have a week of intensive practice planned

if only I can get Shel to lay off taking 25 shots of last night’s apple tart, in all of which he demonstrates his superior mastery of depth of field,

and Eric to take a break from playing with my new toy while pretending it’s all about capturing the true essence of  Zazou.  Boys and toys, they’re a natural combo.  Girls and techno-weenie-gadgetry, not so much, but I’m gritting my teeth and clicking away as if I knew what I were doing.

And meanwhile, I’m sending myself flowers and an F for Effort.  Or is that F for F-stop?

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4 Comments on “Noodling With My New Nikon”

  1. Nim Says:

    Whilest you may protest with claims that the pictures taken by Shel and Eric are somehow “better,” my favorite is those lovely peach tulips. *swoons*

  2. FredR Says:

    For those of us that grew up with f-stop we totally understand.

  3. Debra Lane Says:

    beautiful! Amazing what a difference a high end camera makes. Next on my list!

  4. zuleme Says:

    I’d say you’re doing pretty darn good. We do this stuff for a living! I love the books by Bryan Peterson on EXposure and Shutter Speed. Written in English.

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